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Description of the LiteMatter plugin:​

Tired of chests full of junk? This plugin is for you! Convert all the unnecessary things into pixels, and then do whatever you want with them. Create new materials, god armor, brew potions and even mine bitcoin. It all depends only on your imagination!

Mechanics in LiteMatter:​

Players often get bored on Minecraft servers because they progress through it very quickly. Crafting Netherite armor is quite easy, but what if the armor requires 1000 Netherites? This plugin allows you to create custom recipes, convert all items into pixels and create any items from these pixels.

You can create a monster scraper that recycles monster parts into pixels.
You can create multiple containers. For example, one processor consumes parts of monsters and collects them into different internal containers. And for crafting you may need 1000 monster parts and 5 netherite ingots.


You can also see what can be processed here and how many pixels you get. You can also collect items back. For example, you can refine 64 Rotten Flesh to create 10 Gunpowder.

Brew potions or mine BTC in LiteMatter:​

This plugin literally allows you to set up a witch's cauldron that will accept ingredients. The more valuable the ingredients, the more pixels it gets, and then brews any potions you add to the list of possibilities.

Or sell miners to players. While they stand, they produce currency, which players can cash out and sell in the future.
It all depends on your imagination. You can also create a food generator that takes wheat or meat and gives you cooked food. Or an ore converter. You can create it all

LiteMatter plugin commands:​

/lmatter - Basic information about the command, version
/lmatter menu - Open the main menu
/lmatter lang [language] - Set the language
/lmatter reload - Reload all configuration files

LiteMatter plugin permissions:​

azlagor.command.lmatter - Access to the main command. - Access to the command /lmatter menu
azlagor.command.lmatter.lang - Access to the command for setting the language
azlagor.command.lmatter.reload - Access to reloading the plugin.
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