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In the wild, wonderful world of Minecraft, it's all fun and games until someone decides to game the system! Alt accounts can be a big, bad problem, causing chaos, imbalance, and too many exploits and abuses that lead to one too many destroyed economies. But fear no more! We've got the solution you've been mining for!

Introducing the NoAltsExploits Plugin!
With BungeeCord Support!

This nifty tool serves as your trusty in-game security guard, keeping a watchful eye on those sneaky same-IP players. It ensures fair play and keeps your server balanced, providing a better experience for everyone involved. ‍



With our customizable features, you can:

- Set a limit on the number of players with the same IP address.
- Grant bypass permissions to those you trust. ️️️️

- Prevent players from targeting same IP accounts with commands. ️️️️

- Add PerIP cooldowns to commands in a very easy way. ️️️️

- Display custom messages when someone tries to pull a fast one.

- Keep track of whitelisted commands and command cooldowns, allowing you to tailor your server's rules as you see fit.

- Print all the players with the same IP, online or offline.

- See accurate geo location data of any player using ether a command or on player login, only players with the correct permissions can see the messages and use the command.
The data includes Country , Region , City , ISP(internet service provider).️️


"You can you use /nae instead of /noaltsexploits"
/noaltsexploits reload
/noaltsexploits sameip <online,offline>
/noaltsexploits iphistory <name>
/geolocate player
"You can you use /naeb instead of /noaltsexploitsbungee"
/noaltsexploitsbungee reload
/noaltsexploitsbungee accountremove <name> <ip>


noaltsexploits.admin [allows the use plugin's commands]
noaltsexploitsbungee.admin [bungee version]
noaltsexploits.bypass [bypasses the restrictions of the plugin]
noaltsexploitsbungee.bypass [bungee version]
geolocation.admin [allows to you see the secret login geo location info data]

geolocation.command [allows you to use the geolocate command]

Support Discord

And guess what? Our user-friendly config is so simple, it's like playing Minecraft on peaceful mode!

Join countless server admins who are boosting their Minecraft experience with NoAltsExploits Plugin. It's time to take control of your server, create safe and fun environments, and keep the abusers at bay!

This plugin was developed and tested at

Get the NoAltsExploits Plugin today, and let the fair play commence!
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