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MultiSignBook is a Bukkit/Spigot plugin designed to facilitate the creation of in-game agreements and contracts on Minecraft servers. Originally developed for the Haku server, this plugin allows players to create and secure written agreements, ensuring the integrity of the contract by limiting the number of signatures.

  • Contract Signing: Allows players to create formal agreements using written books.
  • Secure Agreements: Locks written books to prevent unauthorized signatures.
  • Signature Tracking: Keeps a record of players who have signed the contract.
  • Signature Limitation: Defines the maximum number of signatures in a contract (default limit: 8).
  • Command Usage:
/sign lock: Protects the contract from additional signatures.
/sign s: Adds your signature to the contract (if it is not protected).
Important Note

MultiSignBook provides formality for role-playing servers and does not regulate the execution of contracts through in-game mechanics. It offers tools for creating formal agreements but leaves their execution and adherence to server rules to the players.


Download the latest release from the releases page.
Place the JAR file in the plugins folder of your server.
Restart the server.
  • Hold a written book in your hand.
    Use /sign lock to protect the contract from additional signatures.
  • Use /sign s to add your signature to the contract.
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