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What is MobileShop? Mobile Shop is a plugin that allow you to create virtual shops that you can shop in the chat. How? It is so easy, just put '#shop' (or the message you put in the config) in your message, that will be replaced for the name of your shop, people just have to click in the name of the shop to open the shop menu and click the items that you are selling to buy them.

It has a language.yml to change it and a option to put a cooldown for showing shops in chat, configurable. On version 1.6 and next versions you can have several pages in the shop (configurable) for normal users and vip users.

It depends on Vault and Lib1711 (my library)

Servers using it:

  • /mbshop : shows a help menu
  • /mbshop create [shopName]: command to create the shop. You can add color to the name of the shop just using something like &4[Shop]
  • /mbshop add [price]: command to add an item to the shop.
  • /mbshop delete: command to delete your shop if it is empty.
  • /mbshop show [shopName] [ownerShopName]: command to see manually a shop.
  • /mbshop rename [shopName]: command to rename the shop
  • /mbshop view: command to see your own shop
  • /mbshop reload: command to reload the plugin.
Admin Commands soon.

  • mobileshop.cooldown.bypass
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