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  1. 1.12.✘
  2. 1.13.✘
  3. 1.14.✘
  4. 1.15.✘
  5. 1.16.✘
  6. 1.17.✘
  7. 1.18.✘
  8. 1.19.✘
  9. 1.20.✘
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MadMine - Plugin for working as a miner, like on many popular servers
Analogue of popular plugins: AkyloffMine and rMine

The plugin adds a mine to your server to earn game currency. All broken blocks are replaced with cobblestone and upgraded. This plugin is very easy to configure: how many blocks a player can carry in 1 trip, what block will appear after breaking ore, whether resources and experience will drop out, whether fly and gm are allowed in the mine, set the update time for ores, specify the fee for them and much more !

To install a mine, you need to select a region and enter the command /mine create <name>, then, if desired, you can install npc to issue salaries


  • /mine create <name> - Create a mine
  • Right: mmine.command.create
  • /mine remove <name> - Removing a mine
  • Right: mmine.command.remove
  • /mine list - List of mines
  • Right: mmine.command.list
  • /mine reload - Reload the plugin config
  • Right: mmine.command.reload
  • /mine salary - Receiving salary
  • Right: mmine.command.salary
  • /mine reset - Reboot blocks in the mine
  • Right: mmine.command.reset
  • /mine setnpc - Installation of NPC for issuing salaries
  • Right: mmine.command.setnpc
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