LootConomy - Drop currencies from mobs and blocks!

Free LootConomy - Drop currencies from mobs and blocks! 1.0.1

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  • Skills System. Create your own skills with custom objectives to drop money / currency from!
  • Skill Leveling. Increase skill levels, get new ranks and earn even more XP & money! Level downgrade is possible with negative XP values!
  • Skill Ranks. Create custom skill ranks and provide different benefits from it!
  • Skill Objectives. Create custom objectives to drop money / currency from with individual chances & settings!
  • Multi-Currency Support. Drop multiple currency items at the same time!
  • Death Penalty. Set up player's death penalty for money & currencies! Players will drop / lose specified amount of their balance on death.
  • Custom Items. Set different items for each currency with different styles per money / currency amount! Like Golden Nuggets for small amounts, Gold Blocks for large ones!
  • Pickup Sound. Play sound when player pickups currency item! With per-player command to toggle this feature!
  • Ground Effect. Play particles around currency items to make it more noticeble and fancy! Per currency settings!
  • Item Protection. Protects your dropped currencies from being picked up by other players!
  • Item Merging. Merges all nearby currency items if they are from the same player + skill + objective.
  • Full Inventory Bypass. Allows players to pickup currencies even with full inventory.
  • Auto Boosters. Create global automatic skill XP & currency boosters at specified days & times. Note: Server can have only one global booster at the same time.
  • Rank Boosters. Create passive skill XP & currency boosters for certain player ranks. Note: Player can have only one rank booster per skill at the same time.
  • Personal Boosters. Create custom skill XP & currency boosters to give them to players via commands. Note: Player can have only one personal booster per each skill at the same time.
  • Disabled Worlds. Set worlds, where currencies won't be dropped.
  • Objective Unlock Levels. Make certain skill objectives to be available only at certain skill level!
  • Skill Daily Limits. Set how much XP & currency player can earn each day depends on his skill rank!
  • Exploit Protection. Prevents currency drop from: player placed blocks, mobs spawned from certain sources, certain gamemodes, blocks generated by world mechanics. For ageable blocks (like crops and plants) currency is dropped at full age only.
  • Plugin Integrations. Expand the LootConomy experience!
  • PlaceholderAPI Support.








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