[LittleRoom] Herobrine Boss [V1.7 | ME 3.0.0 READY]

GOLD [LittleRoom] Herobrine Boss [V1.7 | ME 3.0.0 READY] V1.7 | ME 3.0.0 READY

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Description of [LittleRoom] Herobrine Boss:​

Herobrine is real, and he's out for blood! Herobrine has 20 unique skills that work together to give you the fastest and most responsive combat you'll ever experience in Minecraft.

This boss is rated as very difficult, don't even try if you don't have a team to help you deal with it.

His move set includes:​

  • Crossbow Shot - Herobrine will use crossbow shots between movement skills such as rolling or jumping.
  • Hack-n-Slash - A quick sequence of sword attacks.
  • Roundhouse - A spinning strike that sends the target flying.
  • Charged Strike - Herobrine turns around and delivers a powerful blow.
  • Throwing Ax - Throws an ax at a target, slowing down on impact.
  • Jump Kick - Reduces distance with a lunge air strike.
  • Catch and release - takes out a fishing rod and pulls the target closer.
  • Pickaxe Strike - Swings a pickaxe and accompanies the blow with an explosive shot from a crossbow.
  • Down Kick - A heavy fist crashes down on the target.
  • Ultra Instinct Mode (25 percent health) - Herobrine increases speed, damage and can dodge attacks.
  • Munch - Pulls out boiled beef and eats it, restoring 10% health.
  • Herobrine can also jump over fences, roll, block, and jump towards unreachable players.

Screenshots of [LittleRoom] Herobrine Boss:​




Video review of [LittleRoom] Herobrine Boss:​

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