[LittleRoom] Brawl Pets Vol 1

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The [LittleRoom] Brawl Pets Vol 1 pack includes:​

  • 16 unique collectible pets with their own special skills
  • 16 pixel control icons
  • 3 custom items
  • classic "wild catch" gameplay
Requires Mythicmobs 5.0.0+, ModelEngine 3.0+ and McPets 3.0.2+!

Features of [LittleRoom] Brawl Pets Vol 1:​


  • Each pet gains 1 EXP when it deals damage to any creature, these pets can gain exp from vanilla mobs too!
  • Players can use Brawlpets candies on their pets to add 25 EXP per candy!
  • At 5th level, your pet will learn a new special move unique to its species.
  • At level 10, your pet will evolve into its new form!
  • At level 15, your evolved pet will learn another unique attack!
  • The current level cap for all brave pets is 20.


  • First evolution wild brawlpets can be created with Mythicmobs and are free to roam the world as you please.
  • Wild brawl pets do not gain experience and do not evolve.
  • Brawlpets must be below 50% health for the trap to contain them.
  • If the brawlpet is below 25% health, it has a 100% chance to grab.
  • Players can only have 1 type of brawlpet at a time, given the current plugin limitations, i.e. players cannot have 5 different pokeys.

Brawl Pet Behavior​

  • The brawlpet will only attack mobs that the player either attacks himself or damages like a tamed wolf.
  • Brawlpets will randomly use their special abilities after the duration expires.

Screenshots of [LittleRoom] Brawl Pets Vol 1:​



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