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From me:​

This config was purchased at the request of one of the users of the site Black-Minecraft.com, and it is free for you. Take away!

config description:​

Since the beginning of November 2015, I have been focusing on improving the default configuration and NoCheatPlus (NCP) code to reduce false positives while maintaining the high accuracy that many server owners strive for. I have personally seen my config and work used in a wide variety of game modes including Factions, HCF, Prison, Kit-PvP, Survival,
Skyblocks, Minigames, on 2400+ servers that have bought it. I still continue to spend a lot of time constantly focusing on and improving the NCP core principles; Hopefully this becomes true after you've experienced it for yourself or on one of the many test servers!

Blocked cheats and notifications:​

  • Before sending any notice,
  • NCP makes sure that neither the server nor the player in question is left behind.
  • Notifications are color-coded from green to red:
Green = very likely cheating
Orange = Definitely cheating
Red = outright deception

What cheats does this config block?​

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Please note that this is not a complete list of all blocked hacks.
Feel free to test any hacked client using the test server at the bottom of the resources page.


  • AirJump (Lock)
  • Blink (Block | Notify)
  • Boat Fly (1.9+)
  • Bunny Hopping (Lockingck)
  • Bowfly (Lock)
  • Fast Fall (Block | Notify)
  • FastLadder (Locking)
  • Fly (Block | Notifyotify)
  • Glide (Lock | Notify)
  • HClip (Lock | Notify)
  • High Jump (Lock)
  • Infinite/Extra Elytra (Lock| Notify )
  • Jesus (Block | Notify)
  • Longjump (Lock)
  • LowHop (Block | Notify)
  • NoFall (Block| Notify)
  • NoSlow (Block | Notify)
  • Omni Sprint (Lock | Notify)
  • Packet Sneak (Block | Notify)
  • Phase (Block | Notify )
  • SelfHit (Block | Notify)
  • Speed (Lock | Notify)
  • Spider (Block | Notify)
  • Step (Block | Notify)
  • Timer (Lockock | Notify)
  • VClip (Lock | Notify)
  • YClip (Lock | Notify)

The battle:​

  • Aimbot (BloBlock | Notify)
  • AutoClicker (Block | Notify)
  • ClickAura (Block | Notify)
  • Criticals (Block | Notify)
  • Fast Bow (Lock| Notify )
  • Fight Bot (Block | Notify)
  • InventoryHit (Lock| Notify)
  • Kill Aura (Block| Notify)
  • LegitAura (Block | Notify)
  • NoSwing (Block | Notify)
  • Reach (Block | Notify)
  • Regen (Block | Notify)
  • TP Aura (Block | Notify)


World / Player:​

  • Bedfu*ker (Block)
  • Chest Steal/Store (Lock| Notify)
  • CivBreak (Block | Notify)
  • ElytraFly (1.9+) (Block | Notify)
  • FastPlace (Lock| Notify)
  • FastBreak (Block | Notify )
  • FastEat (Block | Notify)
  • Force OP via book
  • Force OP via sign
  • GhostHand (Locking)
  • Headless (Lock | Notify)
  • InventoryMove (Lock| Notify)
  • NoWeb (Block)
  • Nuker (Block | Notify)
  • Packet spam (1.8 payload exploit)
  • Ping Spoofing (Notifies)
  • PlayerESP (Lock)
  • Scaffold (Block | Notify)
  • Schematica (Lock | Notify) (Can be disabled, see instructions.txt)
  • Tower (Lock| Notify)
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