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Description of the HMCWraps plugin:​

Welcome HMCWraps to our family of HCS plugins!
HMCWraps is a great plugin that allows you to apply custom wraps to your weapons and tools.

Wraps are cosmetic changes to items, such as custom model data and item color, and enable EULA-compliant features for your players!


HMCWraps Plugin Features:​

  • Fully configurable with config files
  • Collection system
  • Wrap Preview System
  • Shift wrap hotkey
  • Support save model ID and color
  • Physical and virtual wraps
  • Action system for GUIs and wrappers - creating complex events in a simple way when performing actions
  • Placeholder API Support
  • Oraxen & ItemsAdder support
  • Easy configuration via drag and drop
  • Converter from other plugins

HMCWraps plugin commands:​

/wraps (hmcwraps.wraps - must be enabled) - Opens the wrapper inventory
/wraps help - Gets all the commands you have access to
/wraps list - Lists all currently loaded wrappers and collections
/wraps give wrapper <wrap> [player ] [amount] (hmcwraps.commands.give.wrapper) - Give a physical wrapper to a player
/wraps give unwrapper <player> [player] [amount] (hmcwraps.commands.give.wrapper) - Give a physical wrapper to a player
/wraps preview <wrap > [player] (hmcwraps.commands.preview) - Force a preview to open for the player
/wraps wrap <wrap> [player] (hmcwraps.commands.wrap) - Wrap the item the player is holding.
/wraps unwrap <wrap> [player] (hmcwraps.commands.wrap) - Unwrap the item the player is holding.
/wraps reload (hmcwraps.commands.reload) - Reloads HMCWraps configuration files
/wraps convert [confirm] (hmcwraps.commands.convert) - Convert wrappers from other plugins

Installing the HMCWraps Plugin:​

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Shut down the server
  3. Move the .jar file to the /plugins/ folder on your server.
  4. Start the server.
  5. Done.
HMCWraps has no dependencies. The plugin has additional hooks that other plugins use, but you don't need to install anything else to use the plugin.

NOTE: If you are still using ProtocolLib 4.xx or below, please upgrade to 5.xx as HMCWraps only works with the latest version. ProtocolLib should work 100%.

Vanilla resource pack​

Add resource pack to your server with


The plugin has native support for ItemsAdder to replace certain items with those provided by ItemsAdder. The plugin supports placing a key (eg itemsadder:tree:apple) in any id field of any element.


Like ItemsAdder, HMCWraps has built-in Oraxen support for replacing items with Oraxen items. The plugin supports placing a key (for example, oraxen:apple) in any id field of any element.

After installation
After installation, we recommend modifying the file to your liking using MiniMessage Formatting.

You can then familiarize yourself with the default configurations and start adding your bells and whistles!
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