GSitPro - Modern Sit (Seat and Chair), Lay and Crawl Plugin! - [1.13 - 1.20.4]

Free GSitPro - Modern Sit (Seat and Chair), Lay and Crawl Plugin! - [1.13 - 1.20.4] 1.6.0

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Modern Sit (Seat and Chair), Lay and Crawl - Plugin

Supports Spigot, Paper (+ all Forks), Folia Servers from 1.13 to 1.20.4!
(Pose and Crawl Features only work 1.17+)


  • This plugin is aimed primarily at people who want to support me in a special way by purchasing this plugin
  • This is currently the same GSit plugin you can find here, also made by me. You can use the normal version if you don't want to support me additionally
  • There may be special "Pro"-features in the future


  • This is the ultimate Sit, Chair and Lay - Plugin which allows to sit on Stairs / Chairs
  • Lay, Bellyflop, Spin & Crawl on the ground
  • This Plugin contains a lot of settings and features that all can be changed by you in the plugin config and the language files

  • Join the GPlugins Discord Server for the latest Updates and News
  • If you like my plugins and libraries please support me by leaving a good Review

Special Features

  • 100% customizable!
  • Very good performance
  • Sit on every block with "/sit"
  • Crawl on the ground with "/crawl"
  • Lay or Bellyflop on every block with "/lay" or "/bellyflop"
  • You can let laying players snore without any Resource Pack!
  • Spin around with "/spin"
  • Simply right click on top of a seat (stair, slab or carpet) to sit there
  • Create your own custom list of materials a player can sit on!
  • Click on another Player to sit on him and stack up! (Must be enabled in the Config!)
  • GriefPrevention, PlotSquared & WorldGuard-Area-Support!
  • Perfect sit direction calculated from the placement of the seat!
  • WorldGuard-Flags! ("sit" "playersit" "pose", "crawl")
  • Return a player to the location where he started sitting!
  • Set a customized Sit, PlayerSit or Pose Message
  • Set the maximum distance between a player and the block!
  • Placeholders from PlaceholderAPI ("playertoggle", "posing", "sitting", "toggle")
  • And many more ...




Spoiler: More pictures

Our Partner

Thanks to our Partner ElixirNode!

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/sit (/gsit)
-> Sit on a Block
/lay (/glay) -> Lay on a Block
/bellyflop (/gbellyflop) -> BellyFlop on a Block
/spin (/gspin) -> Spin on a Block
/crawl (/gcrawl) -> Crawl on the ground
/emote (/gemote) -> Use an emote

/sit toggle/playertoggle -> Toggle the ability to rightclick blocks or players
/crawl toggle-> Toggle the ability to crawl with double-sneak

/gsitreload (/gsitrl) -> Reloads the plugin


: GSit.*
Update-Notification-Permission: GSit.Update
Config-Reload-Permission: GSit.Reload

Sit-Permissions (Default permissions marked underlined):
  • GSit.Sit.* -> Combines "GSit.Sit & GSit.SitClick & GSit.SitToggle"
  • GSit.Sit -> Use "/sit"
  • GSit.SitClick -> Click on a Block to sit down
  • GSit.SitToggle -> Use "/sit toggle"
  • GSit.PlayerSit.* -> Combines "GSit.PlayerSit & GSit.PlayerSitToggle"
  • GSit.PlayerSit -> Click on a Player to sit on him
  • GSit.PlayerSitToggle -> Use "/sit playertoggle"
  • GSit.Pose.* -> Combines "GSit.Lay & GSit.BellyFlop & GSit.Spin"
  • GSit.Lay -> Use "/lay"
  • GSit.BellyFlop -> Use "/bellyflop"
  • GSit.Spin -> Use "/spin"
  • GSit.Crawl.* -> Combines "GSit.Crawl & GSit.CrawlSneak & GSit.CrawlToggle"
  • GSit.Crawl -> Use "/crawl"
  • GSit.CrawlSneak -> Use double-sneak to crawl
  • GSit.CrawlToggle -> Use "/crawl toggle"
  • GSit.Emote.* -> Combines "GSit.Emote & GSit.Emote.[Name]"
  • GSit.Emote -> Use "/emote"
  • GSit.Emote.[Name] -> Use "/emote [Name]"
  • GSit.Kick.* -> Combines "GSit.Kick.Sit & GSit.Kick.Pose"
  • GSit.Kick.Sit -> Kick a sitting Player from his location
  • GSit.Kick.Pose -> Kick a posing Player from his location
  • GSit.ByPass.* -> Combines "GSit.ByPass.World"
  • GSit.ByPass.World -> Ignore the WorldBlacklist
  • GSit.ByPass.Region -> Ignore regions

Known Bugs / Issues

If you discover any kind of bug please instantly contact me in the Discussion-Area or join the GPlugins Discord Server, so i can fix it as soon as possible!

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