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takes your Minecraft gameplay to a whole new dimension with its unique and exciting features. Inspired by popular tycoon games like Roblox Tycoon, GenX introduces upgradable generators that add a whole new layer of depth and progression to your Minecraft server.

OnJoin Generators
: Upon joining the server, players are equipped with their very own generators, providing them with a solid starting point for their adventures. (Configurable)

Generator Shop: GenX offers a dedicated shop where players can purchase additional generators, unlocking even more possibilities for resource generation and wealth accumulation.

Generator Upgrade GUI: Players have the ability to upgrade their generators through an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). As they progress, they can enhance the efficiency and output of their generators, boosting their overall productivity.

24 Generator Tiers: GenX provides a staggering variety of 24 generator tiers, each offering distinct benefits and capabilities. These tiers can be customized to suit the specific needs and balancing preferences of your server. (Configurable)

[NEW] ORAXEN/ITEMSADDER SUPPORT: Support for custom model data for each generator.

Generator Events: Engage your players with exciting generator events that enhance gameplay and provide unique advantages:
  • Sell Event: Activate the Sell Event to grant players a multiplier of 2x on their sales, boosting their income significantly. (Configurable)
  • Drop Upgrade Event: Experience the thrill of the Drop Upgrade Event, where generators drop items that are two tiers above their current level. This event adds an element of surprise and reward to the gameplay. (Configurable)
  • Speed Event: During the Speed Event, generators spawn drops at a rate that is twice as fast, ensuring a steady flow of resources for players. (Configurable)
  • Drop Event: In the Drop Event, generators spawn twice as many items, increasing the overall yield and wealth potential. (Configurable)
Configurable Generators: GenX allows you to customize every aspect of your generators to suit your server's needs. Modify properties such as block type, name, cost, dropprice, speed, and item to create a truly unique and tailored experience.

World-Specific Generator Disabling: Customize your gameplay by disabling generators in specific worlds, ensuring that certain dimensions or regions retain their unique gameplay dynamics.

Compatibility: SuperiorSkyBlock2, IridiumSkyBlock, BSkyblock, AOneBlock, PlotSquared, RoseStacker, WorldGuard, WildStacker.


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