Free EPIC BackPacks

Free Free EPIC BackPacks 1.3.16-r5

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✅ Minecraft 1.8 to 1.19.4 compatibility, always updated
✅ 15 already included backpacks (you can create your own!)
✅ Portable backpacks
✅ Sounds for each backpack event
✅ Automatic put drops into backpacks when picking them up (can be disabled)
✅ Open backpacks on right-click item in inventory for a faster use (MC 1.9+)
✅ Fully customizable recipes, head texture, material, model (compatible with NewItems and ItemsAdder)
✅ Save every item attribute! Lore, name, enchants, everything!
✅ Trade them with other players (you can drop them, they are normal items)
✅ Drop backpacks on death
✅ Use a special virtual personal backpack that can't be lost on death (/ebp)
✅ Limit crafting using permissions
✅ Blacklist and whitelist items for each backpack
✅ Admins can open other players backpacks (virtual backpack /ebp) using special command /ebp <player>
✅ Anti lag to avoid open/close spam by bots
✅ Compatible with ChestSort
✅ Simple Java developers API
✅ MySQL sync support
✅ Create pre-filled backpacks (useful for crates, prizes, events...)
✅ Delayed opening backpacks
✅ UltimateStacker compatibility




Spoiler: Terms of use
1) Do not decompile the plugin.
2) Do not sell the plugin.
3) Do not crack it or redistribute without my permission.
4) You may only use the plugin on a server that which you are an owner of.
5) If you have problems contact me via PM, do not spam your one star reviews, I can fix bugs only if you directly contact me.
For support requests just contact me
6) No refunds.
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