FactionWars [1.7.5-1.15] [CTF/KOTH/TDM/BLITZ/HALO] [Towny/Factions(X)/Kingdoms]

GOLD FactionWars [1.7.5-1.15] [CTF/KOTH/TDM/BLITZ/HALO] [Towny/Factions(X)/Kingdoms] 4.6.4

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Native Minecraft Version:1.13Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15



This plugin was originally an addon to the Factions plugin. However, over time it has become a fully fledged war plugin with multiple gamemodes supporting a wide range of team plugins. There are 5 different fully customizable gamemodes! It includes rewards, statistics with leaderboards, titles, kits, holograms, advanced menus and more!

=> All the info and documentation is available here <=
THE NEW COMMAND IS NOW /war, and not /f war. You may choose a different command in the config.

There are currently 5 gamemode types:
  • Blitz: Blitz is a simple gamemode where each player starts with a configurable amount of lives. Each time he dies, he loses one life. If he runs out of lives (reaches 0 lives) he is out of the game. Last team with a player alive wins.
  • Capture the flag: Each team has a set of flags. The goal is to take the other team's flags (simply get within a certain range from them) and take them to a return location on the opposing team's base. When a player dies, he loses all flags he's currently carrying/taking to his base. First team to capture all of the other team's flags wins.
  • King of the hill: There are (or at least there should be) multiple hill locations. A hill is a structure made of a 3x3 square of gold blocks with a beacon on top, in the middle. At any time there is only one active hill. After a team conquers a hill, they start getting points for each second that they manage to hold it. The opposing team may then contest the hill to stop this. The first team to reach a configurable amount of points wins.
  • Team deathmatch: Despite the name, only kills are counted. Each time a player kills another player from the opposing team, their score goes up by one. At the end of the timer, the team with the most kills wins.
  • Halo: This gamemode is inspired by the game HALO, and is similar to CTF. Each team has a single flag, and they have to capture the other team's flag (take it from the other team's base and bring it to their own base) a set amount of times to win.
If you are a developer, you may easily create your own custom gamemode using FactionWars' API!


Spoiler: These are quite outdated

  • Many different gamemodes
  • Many different team plugins supported
  • Betting system
  • War system
  • GUI menu to choose players taking part in the war
  • All messages configurable
  • Stats
  • Sub command built into faction's /f command
Spoiler: And many many more

Contact me if you'd like another plugin supported!
If you are a developer, you may easily add support to your own custom teams plugin using FactionWars' API!


All commands and permissions are on this page.


Almost all (if not all) messages the plugin displays/sends can be configured and changed. This can be done through the messages.yml file. Simply edit the messages there and do /fw reload afterwards.


Stats work using either sqlite or mysql. To use MySQL instead of SQLite set stats.use-mysql: false. Stats can be viewed using /f war top or /f war stats which displays top factions and your faction's stats (or a specific faction if you do /f war stats (factioname)) or through holograms. See the section below for info on holograms. You can edit the stats format on messages.yml. If you'd like to display stats on a webpage, use MySQL instead of SQLite and simply make a script to connect to the database and display the stats. If you need assistance with this, contact me.


By purchasing and downloading this plugin, you agree to the following:

  • There will be no refunds
  • You may not redistribute this plugin
  • You may not decompile/edit the source code without my permission
  • You may use it for all the servers you OWN, but don't give it to anyone else.
If you require assistance, please join my discord server:
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