Elections [1.8-1.19]

GOLD Elections [1.8-1.19] 2.10.3

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Elections is a simple plugin that allows you to create elections. Change your choices until you're happy and then the plugin does the rest for you! In this election, you can nominate yourself, vote for other players and find out who is actually the best player.

● Please read the entire page before purchasing the plugin! ●


  • Awesome scoreboard
  • Graphical interface for creating choices
  • 100% user posted
  • Weird names
  • Really easy way to create selections
    • Set the position players will run for
    • Set the time of each phase
    • Allow players to nominate themselves
    • Each player can set their own status
    • Unlimited number of players can nominate themselves
      • Possibility to set the maximum number of players who can nominate themselves
    • Everyone can vote for these players and determine who is the best player
    • See top 5 players
  • Automatically continues elections after stopping/restarting the server
  • When the election ends, the winner is declared
  • Automatically run a command after elections are over


Admin Commands:
/elections create - Opens the GUI for creating elections
/elections skipStage - Skip to the next step [Nomination Stage » Voting Stage » End Elections]
/elections cancel - Cancel current elections

Player Commands:
/elections help - Plugin help
/ elections run - Nominate your candidacy in the elections [Nomination Stage]
/elections vote - Vote for the best player [Vote Stage]
/elections top5 - See the top five players [Voting Stage and After Elections]


  • elections.create
    • default: OP
  • elections.cancel
    • default: OP
  • elections.run
    • default: true
  • elections.skipstage
    • default: OP
  • elections.vote
    • default: true


  • Ability to disable multiple winners
  • Boss bar like a timer
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