EcoQuests Powerful Quests System Fully GUI Based Quest Trees, Daily Quests, MySQL

Free EcoQuests Powerful Quests System Fully GUI Based Quest Trees, Daily Quests, MySQL 1.29.0

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Players are often unsure what to do on servers. They’ll run around trying to find
things, but this isn’t very fun and often makes gameplay feel overwhelming,

causing them to play on a different server instead. Quests are a perfect
way to make it clear what players should do, pushing them to complete
certain tasks and keeping them playing on your server as long as possible.

EcoQuests lets you make limitless quest trees. Unlock quests by completing other

quests and immerse players in your gameplay, and turn your quests into milestones.
Because EcoQuests is built with integrations at its core, you can lock items,
enchantments, jobs, bosses, or even entire areas behind quest completion with
almost no effort required. It works seamlessly with the rest of our plugin ecosystem.

EcoQuests has first-class support for creating resettable quests.

Have daily quests that pick from a random set of tasks to complete
to keep players engaged with things to do, or you can make weekly quests
that require certain permissions or other conditions to start them, and
anything else you can imagine.

EcoQuests is fully GUI-based. Players will never have to deal with commands that

take them out of the gameplay experience, instead they can just open their quest
book however you decide to implement it, and view all of their current and past
quests, along with all the tasks required to complete them and the rewards
that they give. It’s super intuitive and lets players keep track of their progress.

EcoQuests lets you make extremely customisable quests with every action

conceivable. Create quests that start when conditions are met, have multiple
tasks with hundreds of possible actions that have to be completed, and have
rewards that use the most powerful effects system ever put into a plugin.
It’s completely up to you to create as many quests as you want.
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