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IMPORTANT NOTE: This plugin currently only supports a limited number of versions: 1.16.3-1.18.1. Newer versions will always be supported!

Version 1.18: supported in the latest update!

Description of the plugin RealisticSeasons:​

RealisticSeasons adds summer, spring, autumn and winter to your worlds without resource packs. Each season has its own set of features. It changes the look of your world like never before. For example, the color of the leaves will change (no resource packs!), certain plants will grow everywhere and different animals will appear. It also changes crop growth behavior depending on the season, days/nights will be longer/shorter and more! Everything in the world is changing, and players will feel that there really are seasons, unlike vanilla Minecraft!

The plugin also includes one of the most advanced temperature systems to date, adding even more realism to the server. The temperature is unique to each player and players will be penalized or rewarded for having a certain temperature. The whole system can also be disabled if you don't want it on your server.

Seasons, of course, require a specific year, so the plugin has its own calendar system with dates, weeks, months, and years. Days of the week and months can be translated to your liking. Everything can be displayed anywhere as the plugin fully supports the placeholder API!

Video review of RealisticSeasons plugin:​

What makes this plugin unique?​

To understand why this plugin is unique, I (according to the author) first need to explain how it works. RealisticSeasons changes grass and leaf colors without using a resource pack. It also doesn't require any client mods or even Optifine. This makes the plugin handy for players who don't hate resource pack popups. All of this is done with custom biomes.

The plugin will then change some biomes each season (per individual biome) so that it really looks like the season. This is also how the plugin can make snow anywhere in the winter. It may seem that the biomes have changed, but in reality they have not. Your Minecraft only thinks about this (through packages). All real biomes remain intact on the server, as do their vanilla features. This means you don't have to worry about the plugin breaking your biomes because it doesn't actually change them (unlike other seasonal plugins). This also means that all newly uploaded chunks are instantly resized, once the season starts, it's impossible for the player to find a chunk of the wrong color!

Apart from the unique way this plugin changes the look of your worlds, it also adds a ton of other features to make the seasons feel more real (see feature list below). This will give your players a mod-like experience suitable for any server, even if it's just for you and your friends.

As a bonus, the plugin also has its own calendar and temperature system!

RealisticSeasons plugin features:​

Each season lasts 3 months by default (about 30 days in minecraft). You can change this to whatever you want in the calendar file. The plugin includes a complete calendar system using days, months (with names), years, weeks. Everything can be customized. Each month can also have its own length of day/night. Animals spawned by the plugin will be removed at the end of the season. This will prevent animals from flooding the world, and in the summer you won't want to meet polar bears. Players can prevent animals spawned by this plugin from disappearing by simply tagging them with names or taming them. Seasonal effects vary for different biomes. Warmer biomes won't have snow, and colder biomes won't feel like summer at all. Colors will also vary in different biomes.

Players can type /season to see the current date, the current season, and how many days are left until the next one. You can also easily display everything on the scoreboard using the PlaceHolderAPI Here is a list of the characteristics of each season. Each feature in this list can be disabled in config.


  • Leaves and ground will have a blue-green color similar to ice biomes (varies between biomes). The sky will turn a bit whiter to give it a wintery feel. The water will be dark blue to give it a cold look.
  • All water without a block on top will freeze. Returns to the water when the season ends
  • -It will snow instead of rain. The snow will melt when the season ends. Snow is much more common than rain.
  • The nights will be long (about 13 minutes) and the days will be short (about 7 minutes).
  • -Vagabonds will spawn instead of skeletons.
  • Wolves, foxes, polar bears and snowmen will appear everywhere.
  • Crops/plants won't grow unless there is a block above them (somewhere). This forces players to build indoor farms if they want to grow crops in cold weather.


  • The leaves in the forest will turn pink, and the water will take on a slight bluish tint.
  • Flowers will appear everywhere. The whole world will feel like a flower forest!
  • Snow and ice melt quickly.
  • A flock of sheep, cows, pigs and chickens will appear with 3-5 cubs each.
  • Bees will appear everywhere.


  • Cold biomes will take on plain/forest colors. All biomes will have blue water, slightly lighter skies, and leaves in most biomes taking on the color of jungle leaves.
  • Most flowers that appear in the spring will be removed.
  • Berry bushes will appear everywhere
  • Crops/plants without a block somewhere above them will grow 2x faster.
  • It won't rain
  • Days will be long (about 13 minutes) and nights will be short (7 minutes).
  • Husks will appear instead of zombies
  • Animals that normally spawn in the jungle can now spawn everywhere.


  • Trees will be painted in different colors: orange, blue-green, green, yellow and brown.
  • The grass will look a little darker and cloudier.
  • The sky will take on a gray color that really creates the feeling of falling.
  • It will rain very often
  • Bats will spawn everywhere at night.
  • Mushrooms and foxes appear everywhere.
  • Additional spiders will appear at night, and sometimes even cave spiders.

Temperature system:
The seasons have never been so realistic! Each player now has a temperature in their action bar that affects them in different ways. For servers that would like to continue using the plugin as it was originally, simply set the "enabled" parameter to false in the newly created temperature.yml file and there will be no trace left of the system. Temperatures that are too cold or too hot will have negative effects on the player, such as slowdown, hunger, lack of healing, or even burning or freezing (with the new 1.17 snow screen effect). This temperature system is the most detailed to date. including many factors that affect the temperature of the players to simulate maximum realism. This new system is like a brand new plugin, but it is also perfect for the seasons. Each value, factor, and effect can be adjusted and customized to your liking in a new temperature.yml file, allowing you to practically create your own system! Here is an overview of the system:

RealisticSeasons plugin commands:​

RealisticSeasons plugin commands:​

/season - Show what time of year it is, also show the day, month, year, and how much is left until the end of this season
/toggleseasoncolors - Personal setting that enables / disables custom biome colors.

Admin Commands:​

/rs set <spring/summer/fall/winter> - Change the current season in this world
/rs setdate <dd/mm/yyyy> - Change the date of the current world
/rs nextseason - Change the current season in this world to the next
/rs disable - Disable seasons in this world
/rs restoreworld - Revert all changes made by the plugin to this world.
/rs toggletemperature - Toggle the temperature system in the current world.
/rs getinfo - Show current season, year, day and days until next season
/rs help - Display this message

RealisticSeasons plugin permissions:​

Law for players​

realisticseasons.getinfo — Permission for the /season command

Rights for server administrators​

realisticseasons.admin - Command permission /rs
realisticseasons.toggleseasons - Command permission /toggleseasoncolors

Screenshots of RealisticSeasons plugin:​





How to install the RealisticSeasons plugin?​

ProtocolLib is required for the plugin to work.

  1. Download the plugin.

  2. Take the downloaded file and transfer it to the plugins folder of your server.

  3. Restart the server.

  4. To enable seasons in the world, just type /rs set <spring/summer/fall/winter>

  5. Ready.
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