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Description of PremiumVanish Plugin:​

With PremiumVanish, you can be completely invisible and invisible to other players, while doing your administrative work more efficiently.

PremiumVanish is not just a regular uninstall plugin. This makes you invisible and provides tools to help spot rule breakers. It is designed to be complete, secure and reliable.
It doesn't use the standard way of hiding players - it uses ProtocolLib packet sniffing (which is a dependency) to prevent any information about disappeared players from being sent to other players.
This is much safer and more complete than the traditional method as it acts as a firewall between the server and other players that actually checks every packet of information sent to other players and doesn't rely entirely on the Bukkit hidePlayer() mechanism.
which is incomplete and not fully optimized for disappearing plugins (the usual method doesn't catch ping update packets, doesn't catch all tab padding, etc.).

To give the illusion that you're offline, PremiumVanish can change the result of other plugin commands, provides support for Bungeecord,
adds custom placeholders for many plugins, and includes direct support for the most popular plugins.

There are many features and tools that allow you to catch griefers and hackers as easily and quickly as possible (details below). With this plugin you can check what 20 players are doing in less than a minute!

The most important features:​

  1. Completely hides players at the package level, which is much safer and cannot be hacked by other plugins (hidden in the game, tab list, number of players, server list, etc.; The plugin does not show that you are online at all. It's like you are not at all on server)
  2. You can specify which player can see which player more precisely using layered permissions, for example
    no one but the owner can see admins, but admins can still see mods and mods can see each other; you can change your fade level at any time with the command
  3. You can toggle spectator mode to slide through walls or teleport to players by simply pressing Shift twice.
  4. There is a customizable scoreboard that displays information about the target (nearest or specific player) which is highlighted with an in-game glow effect that is only visible to you.
  5. Full Bungeecord support that hides invisible players in /glist, /server and /find
  6. PremiumVanish can be configured to change the results of other plugin commands to support its functionality (primarily for fake "Player not found" messages)
  7. You can restrict the activities of missing players based on permissions
  8. You can further configure PV to hide players only in the tab list or only in the game
  9. There is a HUGE config file where you can configure just about anything (seriously, check it out)
  10. Support for many plugins by implementing popular fade plugin APIs, full support for placeholders, and connecting to most popular plugins

Commands and permissions for the PremiumVanish plugin:​

/pv help - - Show plugin help page

/pv [on|off] - pv.use

/pv [on|off] <player> - pv.others

/pv list - pv.list

/pv login - pv.login

/pv logout - pv.logout

/pv tipu - pv.toggleitems

/pv recreatefiles - pv.recreatefiles

/pv reload - pv.reload

/pv target <player> -

/pv unlock - pv.unlock

/pvtptg -pv.tptg

/pv printstacktrace - pv.printstacktrace

/pv setlevel - pv.setlevel

/pv scoreboard - pv.togglescoreboard

Screenshots of the PremiumVanish plugin:​


How to install PremiumVanish Plugin?​

PremiumVanish Compatibility Notes:

  • A server running Spigot 1.8.8/1.9.x/1.10.x/1.11.x/1.12.x/1.13.x/1.14.x/1.15.x/1.16.x/1.17.x is a requirement
  • Requires a version of ProtocolLib that supports your current server version
  • Requires Java 8 or higher
  • AutoVanishOnLogin option may not work if you are using GroupManager
  • PremiumVanish is designed to replace SuperVanish so you can't install both on the same server

Installing PremiumVanish is very easy.​

  1. Install a version of ProtocolLib that supports your current server version
  2. Move the PremiumVanish.jar file to the plugins folder
  3. Download PremiumVanish (Reboot server or use plugin manager)
  4. Set up the plugin configuration
  5. Set up your permissions (Use /pv help for a list of permissions).
  6. Reload it ( /pv reload )
  7. Optional: Enable support for bungeecord/database (see below)

Setting up database support​

Enabling database support requires a MySQL database. (Other SQL-based databases may also work when given a direct URI, however only MySQL - this is officially supported and guaranteed to work) It's also possible without using Bungeecord, just skip the Bungeecord steps if you're not using it.
Note: If you are using BungeeCord this is only possible if ip-forwarding is enabled and 'bungeecord' is set to true in spigot.yml.

  1. Install PremiumVanish on your servers.
  2. Adjust the bungeecord settings in PremiumVanish's config.yml file (don't forget to set Enable to true; don't reload it just yet ).
  3. Move the PremiumVanish.jar file to the plugins folder of your bungeecord (yes, it's the same .jar file)
  4. Stop and start your bungeecord server
  5. Adjust configuration settings PremiumVanish.yml file on your bungeecord server
  6. Check all settings, make sure they are correct
  7. Stop your bungeecord server
  8. Restart PremiumVanish on your bukkit servers
  9. Start your bungeecord server
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