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o sum up, Mythic Mobs gives you control and access to:

Mob Attributes: Change all mob attributes such as health, damage, speed, follow and combat range, as well as all mob related attributes and custom attributes exclusive to MythicMobs.
Custom Skills: Give your mobs custom skills using a powerful scripting system with billions of possible skill combinations and options, as well as targeters, conditions, triggers and more.
Special Effects: Allowing mobs to use special effects including sounds, particles and advanced special effects that you never thought was possible in Minecraft until now..
Items and Drops : Customize loot and gear in any way possible with our powerful item crafting system, including using custom drop tables for mob drops.
Damage Modifiers: Use damage modifiers to change how damage affects mobs so they are immune to drowning, take half damage from arrows, or heal by fire, etc.
Mob Spawning: Unleash the true potential of creators with customizable creators that have countless options, conditions, attributes, cooldowns, and more!
Natural Spawn: Customize your own mobs and bosses to spawn naturally in different parts of the world based on any number of conditions you can specify. Completely replace natural spawns, or add new ones!
Mob Levels: Let mobs level up and increase in power depending on where and how they spawned, increasing health, damage, and other abilities as they level up!
Threat Tables : Allows mobs to use RPG-style Threat Tables, giving them increased power and control over their targeting behavior. Players can no longer fool your mobs! Customize the AI: Customize your mob's AI, including adding new AI targets that can only be found in MythicMobs or through our API! Let zombies open doors, let friendly skeleton guards fight skeletons from other mob factions, and more! Mob Factions: Let mobs be part of factions! Works with previously mentioned AI controls so you can have mobs that fight other mob factions, help players and more!
Disguises: Direct integration with LibsDisguises allows any mob to look like literally anything in Minecraft using the most powerful disguise plugin available. Plugin Compatibility: Integration with a wide range of popular plugins!
Extremely powerful API for developers
Countless other features ...
MythicMobs gives you complete control over everything related to mobs.
Finally, you can create your own main boss, which you have always dreamed of crushing your players. MythicMobs can even create bosses similar to popular MMORPGs like those from World of Warcraft. This is absolutely essential for every RPG server.

Video on the plugin MythicMobs

MythicMobs plugin commands:
/mm (Otherwise: /mythicmobs) - Basic plugin command. Displays all other commands. 0 =
_ _ _
/mm reload (Otherwise: /mm r) - Reloads the plugin .
/mm save - Saves all active mobs and spawns
/mm version - Displays the version of MythicMobs . / mm
items (Otherwise: /mm i)- Base for all subject-related commands .
/mm items get [item_name] <amount> - Gives yourself an item from the configured mob equipment .
/mm items give [player] [item_name] <amount> - Gives the player an item from the configured mob equipment.
/mm items give -s [player] [item_name] <amount> - Silently gives the player an item from the configured mob equipment.
/mm items list - Lists all configured mob equipment .
/mm item import <itemName> [fileName] - Imports the held item into the Items folder. (The default file name is <itemName> .yml)
/mm mobs (Otherwise: /mm m) - Base for all commands related to the mob.
/mm mobs info [mob name] - Displays a lot of information about the Mythic Mob .
/mm mobs list - Displays a list of mobs uploaded to the server.
/mm mobs listactive - Displays a list of currently spawned mobs and the number of each .
/mm mobs kill [mob name] - Removes all mythical mobs with the given name.
/mm mobs killall - Removes all active mythic mobs.
/mm mobs killall -p - Removes all persistent mythic mobs.
/mm mobs spawn [mob name]:<level> <amount> <world,x,y,z> - Spawns mobs with the specified name.
/mm mobs spawn -s [mob name]:<level> <amount> <world,x,y,z> - Silently spawns mobs without text in the console.
/mm mobs stats - Displays useful information about how many mobs are uploaded to the server. (Amounts )
/mm egg (Otherwise: /mm e) - Base for all egg-related commands .
/mm egg get [mob name] <amount> - Gives you the mob eggs for the specified Mythic Mob .
/mm egg give [player] [mob name] <amount>
/mm spawners (otherwise: /mm s) - the base for all spawner-related commands .
/mm s create [spawner_name] [mob name] - Creates a new spawner at the players location. The spawner will spawn whatever mob name you give it, it can be any internal minecraft mob or the name of a mob you create in the ExampleMobs.yml config page. (Example: /mm s create Ruins_Skeleton1 DecayingSkeleton)
/mm s set [spawner_name] [setting] [value] - Changes the spawner setting
/mm s addcondition [spawner_name] [condition] [value] - Adds a spawner condition that determines whether mob to appear in the timer.
/mm s removecondition [spawner_name] [condition] - Removes the state of the spawner. (Example: /mm s removecondition Ruins_Skeleton1 outside)
/mm s info [spawner_name] - Provides a list of information about a particular spawn. (Example: /mm s info Ruins_Skeleton1 Lists information about Ruins_Skeleton1)
/mm s listnear <distance> - Lists all manufacturers nearby. Add a distance parameter to narrow down the list. (Example: /mm s listnear 15 Displays all member names in 15 blocks.)
/mm s resettimers [name] - Resets the cooldown and reset timers for the listed creator. (Example: /mm s resettimers Ruins_Skeleton1 resets Ruins_Skeleton1 spawn)
/mm s activate [name]- Activates a specific mob spawner. (Example: /mm s activate Ruins_Skeleton1 activates the Ruins_Skeleton1 spawn)
/mm s paste - Pastes a group of producers to a new relative location. Spawners can be inserted several times, but replace the previous ones. (They are not duplicated)
/mm s undo - Undoes the previous cut operation and returns them to where they were. Will only work if you haven't already cut out a new producer group.
/mm u testeffect [effect syntax] - Allows you to run the effect as if you were a mob. Accepts the same effect syntax that you would normally use in your skill. (Example: /mm u testeffect target particles witchMagic:1:1:100:0.01:1:0.5 >0 1)
/mm u testskill [targetlocation] [skillname] - Allows you to run the skill as if you were a mob. The target can be any of the target locations. (target, boss, players, etc.). The skill name must be the name of one of your skills. (Example: /mm u testskill target lightning)
/mm signal <UUID> <signal> - Used to signal mobs to switch certain skills. This command is available to all players. However, players cannot abuse this command unless they have the operator privileges required to look up specific mob UUIDs and mob internal signal names.

MythicMobs plugin rights:
- mythicmobs.admin - Gives access to everything!
- mythicmobs.reload - Gives access to the /mm reload command!
- mythicmobs.signal - Gives access to the /mm signal command!

Plugin addition:
Crucible - Craft incredible custom items using the Mythic skill system to give your players the edge they need against your mobs!
BossShop Add-on - Provides compatibility with the popular BossShopPro store plugin, making it easy to use MythicMobs products in your stores.
Denizen Add-on - Adds full Denizen compatibility!
Quests Add-on - Provides compatibility with the popular Quests plugin, allowing you to complete quests using Mythic Mobs as targets.
Script Add-on - Adds full compatibility with Script!

Popular plugins compatible with MythicMobs:
Advanced Achievements - Custom achievements involving mobs
BetonQuest - Fully compatible for quest objectives
BeautyQuests - Fully compatible for quest objectives.
EnchantsPlus - Use custom enchantments on
Graveyards items - Apply skills to players on respawn.
Heroes - mobs can reset hero experience and much more!
Holograms - Custom health bars and nameplates.
LibsDisguises - allows you to disguise
McMMO mobs - leave the McMMO experience and more.
MiniaturePets - create mobs from custom MiniaturePets!
SkillAPI - mobs can reset SkillAPI experience and more.
TerrainControl - creating custom mobs in TC biomes.
Vault - special skills and conditions for dealing with currency.
WorldGuard - Spawn and Conditions Using WG Regions

MythicMobs is a complex plugin that can be confusing in the beginning due to the incredible number of features and the sheer amount of customization you can do.

How to install the MythicMobs plugin?
ATTENTION! For the MythcMobs plugin to work, install Multiverse-Core , Heroes, PhatLoots, Vault , MagicSpells, MiniaturePets, BarAPI, LanguageAPI, LibsDisguises, WorldGuard , Holograms , PlaceholderAPI

Download the plugin.
Take the downloaded file and transfer it to the plugins folder of your server.
Restart the server.
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