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Are you missing new items on the server? Don't know how to make the server unique and beautiful? Players tired of walking? Don't know how to decorate the spawn, and the players say that on holidays they have nothing to decorate the house with? Then download the ItemsAdder plugin, which will add to the server a huge number of possibilities for adding new items to the game, ore, mobs, vehicles, wings, trees, fish, tools and much more.

Features of the ItemsAdder plugin:
✅ MORE THAN 450 custom items already added!
✅ 15 themed items for your server events!
Spoiler: Screenshots of event-themed elements✅ Protection from unpacking Resource Pack. Avoid thieves stealing your textures.
✅ MORE THAN 544 EMOJI! (see screenshots below) without replacing Japanese, Chinese and other characters!
Emoticons available in chat, subscribe,
book, holograms, mob name, anvil…
✅ Realistic cars without delay! (cars, planes.)
✅ Custom behavior for your custom elements
✅ 100% real custom blocks (no entities, no lags) with WorldEdit support
✅ Add triggers, commands, events to your custom items, blocks, vehicles, hats, blocks, vehicles…
✅ Custom sounds (.ogg files)
✅ Durability bar works great, just like normal Minecraft items
✅ Ability to stack items without crashing and stacking delays.
✅ Fully customizable and customizable via .yml files ✅
Smelting recipes, crafting recipes with support for custom items.
✅ Custom tools that can lose durability when used in a workbench and playing sounds! (example: knife used to peel potatoes)
✅ Realistic campfire behavior
✅ Custom loading logo (only works on Optifine and MCPatcher)
✅ You can translate the plugin editing language file
✅ Java API to get custom textures and use them in your plugin! Create custom menus,
custom tools, tickets, hats, whatever you want to code. You can even use them to create special things like mobs (using ArmorStands or something like that, you need to code them using your methods)
✅ Skript API for Developers
⚠️ Before installing, remember:
⛔ You must follow the detailed instructions, presented in the official wiki page of the plugin.
⛔ You should have some knowledge of how to create/manage/combine vanilla minecraft resource packs as this plugin uses a specially crafted and modified resource pack to display custom textures/models. Please, if you do not have knowledge about this, do not download the plugin.
⛔ If you have another plugin that uses a custom resource pack, you should know how to combine it with the ItemsAdder resource pack or disable the other plugin.
⛔ I don't know if this plugin interferes with other plugins, it's impossible to know without testing every plugin on the planet (I certainly can't), so if a plugin doesn't work with your server settings, it's your fault.
⛔ Not compatible with some plugins

Superiority of the ItemsAdder plugin over NewItems
What is not in NewItems, but is in ItemsAdder?
⛔ 420+ items (NewItems only has 70 items and also has a maximum item limit of 1560. ItemsAdder has no item limit)
⛔ Native Spigot 1.14+ CustomModelData support
⛔ First plugin with custom textured HUD and GUI
⛔ Real durability behavior and durability bar in inventory overview (NewItems uses fake durability system with Unbreakable tag which is not always accurate, ItemsAdder mimics vanilla Minecraft's durability system perfectly without hiding the durability bar)
⛔ Paintable fishing rods, scissors, vehicles... using special machine: "Setting table"
⛔ Custom machines with user graphical interface
⛔ Detailed GUI describing what items can do, where to get them, and more information about it
⛔ Real custom blocks (NewItems uses entities, so they are not real blocks). These custom blocks can also have custom drops, such as ruby ore drops. They also support luck and other attributes of the player.
⛔ Wearable: wings, goggles, backpacks (they can be worn on the body, not just on the head)
⛔ Custom vehicles: cars, planes... with customizable speed, step height, hitbox size...
⛔ Emoticons: real emojis, which do not replace Japanese/Chinese characters, they can also be used in signs, books, etc.
⛔ Custom seeds and custom crops
⛔ Special tools (like a knife) that can be used in your recipes and that lose durability for each crafted item (like when you peel a potato you use a knife on a workbench and it loses durability, instead of disappearing from the crafting table GUI)
⛔ Customizable weapons with custom sounds (each weapon can have its own unique sound)
⛔ Custom books/letters that have a different texture when empty and written.
⛔ Customizable effects (potion effects) on events: wear, hold, throw, pick up a custom item
⛔ Custom thrown items (grenades that have a non-standard texture when thrown)

Screenshots of the ItemsAdder plugin:

How to install the ItemsAdder plugin?
You can install any addon by plugin: list of addons

Step 1 - Installing plugins for the first time

Download and install the ProtocolLib plugin
Download and install the LoneLibs plugin

Download and install the LightAPI plugin

Download and install the ItemsAdder plugin
Start server
Let the ItemsAdder finish loading everything
Stop server

Step 2 - Installing the Resource Pack for the First Time
Log in to the server and run the /iazip command when the plugin is fully loaded
Open plugins\ItemsAdder\config.yml
Follow this guide if you want to host a resource pack directly on your server.
Follow this guide if you want to host a resource pack on DropBox.
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