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Description of the EcoEnchants plugin:​

EcoEnchants is a minecraft plugin that adds over 210 new enchantments to your server. It is made from the ground up to be fully integrated with the vanilla versions of the core to provide a smooth and intuitive gameplay experience for your players. Enchanting table, Anvil, Grindstone, Villagers, even LootChest support is built in to make the game as addictive as possible.

Why EcoEnchants?​

What makes EcoEnchants different from other custom enchantment plugins? Well, all enchantments are stored as vanilla enchantments, not just as history lines. This means you can use Essentials, CMI, right out of the box with EcoEnchants.
Many plugins are also compatible with EcoEnchants, even if they aren't designed for it.

A simple explanation of how to use commands and permissions:​

Enchantment permissions:​

Want to make enchantments only available through the enchantment table to certain players? It may seem a bit confusing at first, but it's very simple.

All enchantments have a name used in the permissions and configuration files. It's just an enchantment key with the underscore removed, for example: the Curse of Hunger enchantment has the key hunger_curse ,
and the resolution is hungercurse . Similarly, the Water Artifact has the water_artifact key and the waterartifact permission .

So how do I do it?​

The permission to make enchantments available to the enchantment table is as follows:

ecoenchants.fromtable.<Название зачарования>

All enchantments are available by default and all users have this permission by default:


Cooldown Reduction:​

Do you want to give an advantage to certain groups of players? For this case, there are four rights that will give players the right to a quick cooldown on spell cooldown.

1) Reduce cooldown by 25% - ecoenchants.cooldowntime.75

2) Halve the cooldown - ecoenchants.cooldowntime.half

3) Reducing cooldown by 3 times - ecoenchants.cooldowntime.third

4) 4 times cooldown reduction - ecoenchants.cooldowntime.quarter

Random Enchantments:​

With the /randomenchant command, you can give an item in hand a random enchantment.

ecoenchants.randomenchant - The right to random enchantment.

If you have a hard cap set, players won't be able to bypass it by default. This can be changed by giving certain players this permission: ecoenchants.randomenchant.bypasshardcap

Plugin compatibility with other plugins

Plugin Compatibility:​

Land management / AntiGrief:​

  • WorldGuard
  • Grief Prevention
  • FactionsUUID
  • Lands
  • Towny
  • KingdomsX


  • Spartan
  • matrix
  • NoCheat Plus
  • AAC


  • placeholderAPI

Other Enchantment Plugins:​

It is not recommended to run other enchantment plugins along with EcoEnchants due to possible display conflicts.

Command managers and core plugins​

  • EssentialsX
  • CMI

Types? What are the types?​

In the regular version of Minecraft, there are only two kinds of types. Normal ( Normal ) and Curse ( Curse ). However, EcoEnchants expands on this model.

There are 5 types of enchantments in EcoEnchants.

Regular ( Normal )

Curse _ _

Artifact _ _

Special ( Special )

Spell _ _

Brief description of types​

Normal - Normal enchantments are very simple. Usually they improve and improve and make it stronger.

Curse - Curse enchantments are also simple. They usually degrade the item and make it weaker.

Artifact - Enchantments for artifacts are slightly different. They don't make the item more powerful - they are purely cosmetic. They work on elytras, creating a trail behind each wing, on swords and axes, spiraling particles around the victim, on bows, crossbows and tridents, creating a trail of particles behind the projectile and on picks, creating particles when crushing ores. Only one Artifact enchantment can be on an item at a time.

Special - Special enchantments are similar to regular enchantments, however they are extremely powerful. To combat this, they are extremely rare, and you can only have one special enchantment per item. This forces players to specialize their items and focus them on a specific feature.

Spell - Spell enchantments are like abilities. You can right-click while holding an item with a spell to activate it, after which there will be a cooldown.

How to get enchantments?​


Enchantments have configurable rarity. Rarity contains several values: the minimum level of experience required to get an enchantment from an enchanting table, the percentage chance to get an enchantment above that level, the percentage chance that a villager will exchange this enchantment, and the percentage chance that an item will appear in a chest with this enchantment.

All values are fully customizable and you can create, edit and delete as many rarities as you want.

How to get​

By default, common, special, and artifact enchantments are available in the enchanting tables, villages, and loot chests. Curse enchantments are by default only available in villages and loot chests, just like in vanilla.

Levels are calculated based on their cost. If you get an enchantment from 1 experience level or 1 emerald,
it will probably be a 1st level enchantment. Of course, this can be done at a small cost, but this is rare. It is designed to be as similar to the vanilla version of Minecraft as possible.

Loot chests usually contain higher level enchantments. It's also similar to minecraft where the enchantments for example and the final city will have a relatively high level.

List of enchantments of the EcoEnchants plugin:​

NameMax levelTypeDefault ItemsDescription
abrasion2NormalSwords + AxesDamages the armor of your opponents
Arcanic6NormalArmorChance to ignore potion damage
Beheading3NormalSwords + AxesChance to get player or mob head
Blast Mining (block explosion)oneNormalpicksBreaking blocks in a 3x3 area
Bleed (bleeding)7NormalswordsCauses your opponent to bleed, damaging them repeatedly
Boss HuntereightNormalBows + CrossbowsIncreases damage against bosses
Butchering (Meat cutting)5NormalSwords + AxesIncreases damage against non-violent mobs
Cerebral (Cerebral)eightNormalBows + CrossbowsIncreases headshot damage
Collateral (additional)fourNormalLukeArrows can pass through objects
Criticals (Critical)3NormalSwords + AxesIncreases critical damage
Deflection (Deflection)6NormalShieldsReturns a portion of incoming damage to your attacker
Defusion (Defusion)5NormalSwords + AxesIncreases damage against creeper
Dexterous (Nimble)2NormalSwords + AxesIncreases attack speed
Drill (drill)5NormalToolsMining blocks after other blocks
Electroshock (Electroshock)3NormalShieldsChance to strike an attacker with lightning
Ender Slayer (Ender Killer)5NormalSwords + AxesIncreases damage against mobs in the ender world
Evasion3NormalArmorChance to ignore incoming damage
Extinguishing3NormalArmorChance to remove fire when taking fire damage
Extract6NormaltridentsHeals a portion of the damage dealt
Farmhand (Laborman)2NormalhoesBefore blocks around start blocks
Finishing5NormalswordsChance to instantly kill mobs when health is low
Fire Affinity (Proximity to fire)7NormalswordsIncreases damage dealt when on fire
First Strike (First strike)5NormalswordsIncreases damage dealt when the mob is at maximum health
Flinch (Flinch)6NormalShieldsChance to blind an attacker
Goliath (Goliath)eightNormalswordsIncreases damage against creatures that have more health than you
Grapple (grab)2NormalSwords + AxesDraws entities to you
Grit3NormalArmorDamages your opponent's weapon
Hook (Hook)2NormalLukeDraws entities to you
Illusion Aspect (Illusion aspect)2NormalswordsChance to blind and vomit opponent
Incandescence (Incandescence)2NormalArmorSet the attacker on fire
Infernal Touch (Infernal Touch)oneNormalToolsAutomatically melt mined blocks
Inferno (Hell)oneNormaltridentsflaming tridents
Invigoration3NormalArmorIncreases outgoing damage and reduces incoming damage when health is low
Kinetic (Kinetics)6NormalElitraReduces damage taken when crashing into a wall
LauncheightNormalElitraFireworks give off a short burst of incredible speed
Leeching (Leech)6NormalSwords + AxesHeals a portion of the damage dealt
Liquid Shot (Liquid Shot)5NormalBows + CrossbowsIncreases damage against fire mobs and endermen.
Lumberjack (Lumberjack)6NormalAxesChop Whole Trees Instantly
Magma Walker (Magma Walker)2NormalBootsTurns lava under the player into obsidian
Magnetic (Magnetic)fourNormalBootsItems and experience fly to you
Marksman (Shooter)oneNormalBows + CrossbowsRemoves arrow drop
Necrotic (Necrotic)fourNormalswordsWither skeletons are more likely to drop skulls.
Nether Infusion (Infusion of the Void)6NormalswordsIncreases damage dealt in the Nether
Nocturnal (Nocturnal)6NormalswordsIncreases damage at night
Optics (Optics)5NormalBows + CrossbowsIncreases damage when moving away from the target
Oxygenate (Oxygenate)9NormalToolsGet oxygen by breaking blocks underwater

To be continued!​

How to install the EcoEnchants plugin?​

The plugin requires ProtocolLib and eco (an API library from the plugin developer)

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Take the downloaded file and transfer it to the plugins folder of your server.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Ready.
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