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Description of DropEdit 2 plugin:​

DropEdit2 is a GUI based plugin that makes it easy to customize drops. The plugin allows you to customize drops from blocks, from mobs and from fishing.
Thanks to the GUI, you can add any item, including lore items, display names, enchantments, and even NBT data!

In addition,
DropEdit2 offers a menu for customizing experience drops for killing mobs, mining blocks, and catching fish. In addition, you can add commands that are executed when "falling".

DropEdit 2 Plugin Features:​

  • Customizable random item drop (even below 1%)
  • Two modes: precise or simple.
  • All types of items are supported
  • Editable mob drops, block drops and fishing drops:
  • Experience drop
  • Spawn flags (prohibit dropping, for example, from creators)
  • Togglable vanilla drops
  • Batch Containers (you can drop multiple drops at once)
  • Drop Team
  • .. and much more!

Using the DropEdit 2 plugin:​

All drag and drop configuration is done through the GUI. While this pretty much speaks for itself, we'll still give you a quick overview of all the possibilities.

Drop types:​

Drop from mobs: ( Mob Drops )​

Item in the GUI: Bone
Allows you to change the item and drop experience from all mobs

Drop from blocks: ( Block Drops )​

GUI Item: Stone
Allows you to change the item and the loss of experience from all blocks

Drop from fish ( Fishing Drops )​

GUI Item: Fishing Rod
Allows you to change the item and gain experience after fishing.

Mob drops​

Unlike the GUI for mob drops, you need to place the block you want to edit into an empty slot.

After clicking on the green glass panel, a pop-up GUI will appear.

Remember - DropEdit2 supports data values for mc < 1.13, so you need to pay attention to the data values!

Fishing drops​

It looks like a drop from mobs.

Each drag type contains an options GUI that has several elements to customize the drag:

OptionsItem in the GUIDrop from mobsDrop from blocksFishing Drop
Install dropwriting bookYesYesYes
Edit ModeRepeaterYesYesYes
Vanilla dropRedstoneYesYesYes
An experienceBottle of experienceYesYesYes

Drop installation​

Select a mob, block or fishing to edit drops

Editing Modes​

There are two different modes for setting the drop rate of an item. Classic mode for the lazy and precise mode that allows you to set very low drop chances. This mode can be changed using the Redstone Repeater in any GUI.

Classic mode (default)​

Using classic mode, DropEdit2 will select a random item based on the availability of items in the inventory with 53 slots. So each slot theoretically has a 1:53 drop chance, so for example to create a 1:2 drop chance, you would need to fill half your inventory with an item.

Precise mode​

As stated above, the precise mode is very accurate. So you need to set a percentage for every element you place. This can be done by right-clicking on any item in the inventory and entering the desired percentage in decimal format using the anvil's GUI.

For best results, your total percentage should be 100.0.

Special Items​

Command tag​

The Command tag allows you to execute (via the console) a specific command on reset. It acts like a normal item in the inventory drop, but executes the command instead of dropping it. It will also replace %player with the player 's name.

batch container​

When placed in individual drop inventory, Shulker crates will act as "containers" for DropEdit.

The red shulker box allows you to drop multiple items at once, so you can add an entire piece of gear to one shulker box to immediately drop that gear when randomly selected from the inventory drop.

An experience​

The yellow shulker box expands the individual drop inventory by 27 slots. DropEdit will add all the items configured in the yellow shulker box to an item pool, from which DropEdit will subsequently select a random item.

Conditional data filter (mob drops only)​

This element can contain a specific filter string. When added to one of the container types listed above,
it only discards the contents of the container if the filter string is contained in the object's data string. For example, you might want robbers to drop a diamond sword, but only if they are captains of the robbers, that is, they have banners on their heads.
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