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Description of the plugin CustomCrafting Premium:​

Set up every craft on your server.

Plugin rights:​

  • customcrafting.cmd.database
  • customcrafting.cmd.reload
  • customcrafting.cmd.debug
  • customcrafting.cmd.knowledge

Full list of rights: go

Terminology and features​

This explains the names and terms used in CustomCrafting.


  • Main Menu -- The menu that opens when the command is executed . From here you can go to Settings and Creators. /cc
  • The Recipe Creator is a graphical interface for creating all types of recipes. The type depends on the type selected in the Main Menu.
  • The Item Creator is a graphical interface for creating items and custom items.
  • Recipe List -- A list of all the custom recipes you have created. From here they can be edited, deleted or disabled. Vanilla recipes are also displayed here, which can be disabled.
  • The Recipe Book is a GUI containing all your custom recipes. It allows players to view recipes. It can be accessed via /recipes


  • Advanced Crafting Table -- A workbench that uses the vanilla crafting GUI and allows you to create recipes specifically made for it.
  • Elite Crafting Table -- Workbench with customizable GUI and crafting grid up to 6x6. (Not available by default! Create it with the ItemCreator).


  • CustomItem - These items are created and saved using the ItemCreator or WolfyUtilities under a unique NamespacedKey . They may contain special settings that are stored in the configuration. They can also act as a link to items saved in other plugins such as Oraxen, ItemsAdder or MythicMobs. They will store a plugin-specific config value and load it accordingly. Changes made to linked items will be directly applied to the Recipes/CustomItems containing the link.
  • Recipe book - an element corresponding to the graphical interface of the recipe book. This is the default CustomItem provided by CC.
  • Advanced Workbench - This item, as described above, is a CustomItem for the Advanced Crafting Table Workstation provided by CC.

Installing the CustomCrafting Premium Plugin:​

Before downloading CustomCrafting make sure that:

  • Server running at least Spigot or Paper
  • Minecraft version 1.14+
  • All dependencies installed
  • The following dependencies are required:

- WolfyUtilities: This is the core API that CustomCrafting is built on and would not work without it. Download WolfyUtilities After that you can download and install CustomCrafting.

After that you can download and install CustomCrafting.

  1. Move CC and WU to the /plugins/ folder.
  2. Restart your server.
  3. Check the console for errors and make sure it's loaded.
  4. Finally, use the /cc command to make sure it works.

If a GUI interface opens, the installation was successful and you can continue.

If you get an error or nothing happens, make sure you follow the steps above and install all required dependencies!
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