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Description of the plugin ComplexTurrets:​

This plugin allows players to place multiple types of defensive turrets on your server to keep their homes/territories safe from being attacked by monsters, animals, or even other players. These turrets will constantly attack enemies and keep them away from your lands. On the other hand, you can place a healing turret that will heal nearby allies.


What makes ComplexTurrets worth it is that you can create YOUR OWN turrets and change many of their configurations, including: structure, particle effects, sounds, damage, speed, actions, and more.

Turrets can be upgraded with money or items, so the stats of the turrets will be better at higher levels. Lastly, ComplexTurrets supports various clan/guild plugins so turrets won't fire at allies from the same clan.

omplex Turrets plugin features:​

  • ✓ Create your own turrets with different properties:
  • Construction (blocks, height)
  • Shot type (instantaneous or parabolic)
  • Target (enemies or allies)
  • Attack priority (nearest or health)
  • Particle Effects
  • Sound effects
  • Updates
  • - ✓ Several turret improvements:
  • Speed
  • Range
  • Min-Max Damage
  • Min-Max Healing
  • Turret Health
  • Spray radius
  • Maximum number of targets
  • Accuracy
  • Damage reduction formula
  • The value of money
  • Item cost
  • Action on affected entities (potion effects)
  • - ✓ 4 default turrets (explosion, siege, heal and slow)
  • - ✓ Turret Inventory
  • - ✓ Whitelist players per turret
  • - ✓ Parameters of target objects per turret
  • - ✓ Ammo for turrets
  • - ✓ Possibility of infinite ammo
  • - ✓ Damage to turrets by explosions or archery
  • - ✓ Enable turret only when owner is online
  • - ✓ Minimum distance between towers
  • - ✓ Only place turrets in your own WorldGuard regions .
  • - ✓ Turret Permissions
  • - ✓ Restricted turret permissions
  • - ✓ Custom model data for all turret elements
  • - ✓ Hit holograms and information holograms (using HolographicDisplays or CMI)
  • - ✓ Ally Protection compatibility with other plugins:
  • Towny
  • Clans
  • Lands
  • Better Teams
  • Gangs+
  • Simple Clans
  • Saber Factions
  • Ultimate Clans
  • - ✓ Command to check for errors in the plugin
  • - ✓ Player data transfer from DefensiveTurrets
  • - ✓ Improved performance
  • - ✓ Works in 1.8+

Installing the ComplexTurrets plugin:​


  1. Spigot or Paper core (not CraftBukkit)
  2. NBTAPI (for crafting items )
  3. Vault + Economy plugin (Optional to upgrade money for money, )
  4. Holographic Displays (optional, to use information holograms, ) or CMI
To install the plugin on your server, place the ComplexTurrets and NBTAPI plugins in the plugins folder and start your server. Sample turret files will be generated in the turrets folder , you can use them as a reference or delete them.


1. Use the /ct give <turret> <player name> command to get a turret block. You can use command from console. Remember to use a valid turret name. If there is a file named Burst.yml, then the name of the turret is simply "Burst".

2. Place the turret block on the ground and right click on it.
This will open the settings inventory associated with that turret. Here you can upgrade the turret to get better stats, add whitelisted players, enable or disable attack objects, and add ammo.


3. Turrets require ammo to fire by default, so you must access the ammo inventory on the turret and enable the "Infinite Ammo" option (this item will only appear if you are an administrator or have the required permission) .
You can also give you ammo using the following command: /ct giveammo <turret> <player> <amount> Ammo items are placed in the same inventory as in the image below.


4. Now you need to turn on the turret in the previous inventory. If you want to add ammo again, you must disable the turret.

5. You can create your own turrets or change the default ones, here is an example turret config file.


For a proper understanding of the plugin, view the wiki below. Here you will find a detailed description of the entire plugin.

Plugin wiki: go

ComplexTurrets plugin commands:​

Aliases (/turrets and /turret)
/ct give <turret> <player> - Gives the player a turret. Use the name of the tower file without ".yml".

/ct giveammo <turret> <player> <amount> -Gives ammo to the player.

/ct reload - Reloads the configuration.

/ct verify - Checks the plugin for errors.

/ct migrate - Migrate data from DefensiveTurrets.

/ct help - Displays the plugin's help.


Rights of the ComplexTurrets plugin:​

complexturrets.admin - access to all plugin functions. - Allows you to open other people's turrets.

complexturrets.options.attackplayers - The right to create turrets for attacking players

complexturrets.options.attackmonsters - The right to create attack monster turrets

complexturrets.options.attackanimals - The right to create turrets attacking peaceful mobs

complexturrets.options.attackothers - The right to create turrets that attack everyone else

complexturrets.options.priority - The right to set priority.

complexturrets.infiniteammo - (allows players to activate an item with infinite ammo on turrets

complexturrets.use.<turret> - Used when the per_turret_permissions option is enabled in the configuration.

complexturrets.limit.<x> - Used when turret_limit_permissions is enabled in the config. For example, groups with permission

complexturrets.limit.5 can accommodate a maximum of 5 turrets. If the group does not have restriction permission, the default restriction will be used.
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