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Civs allows players to build cities that require houses, farms, defenses, or whatever. Players can build structures that can do anything. Civs is highly customizable with many advanced features. If you can imagine it, you can build a building that can do it.

Unzip to your plugins folder.
Restart your server
If you need more information about configuration files, visit the Civs Wiki .

Performance note:
This plugin is very fast but has some features that can cause lag on servers larger than 100 players. If you notice a lag due to civilizations, send me a message
and I'll help you create a customized configuration for you with fewer features.

Premium Features:
* Nations - when cities or alliances get enough upgrades, they can become nations. Nations receive partial claims to protect huge territories
* Spells and Classes - Build classes and spells in an RPG using fully customizable modular configurations. Unlock spells and classes as you level up, build regions, and more.
Connects to MythicMobs skills so you can use skills as part of any Civs spell.
* You can now create farms that spawn MythicMobs

coming soon

* Use WorldEdit to insert buildings instead of building them
* NPC cities can be created and raided
* Replace NPC Villagers with MythicMobs

*Comes with 6 city upgrade levels, 2 military bases,
and a mining colony.
* Over 140 buildings to build (gradually introduces buildings to players, unlocking them as players progress).
* Almost EVERYTHING is configurable.
* Includes full GUI menu for all aspects of the plugin. Even includes an element with which you can open the menu.
* PAPI support
* Manage player memberships by buildings and cities
* Cities may have a population limit determined by the housing stock.
* Cities use energy that can be depleted by killing in war and siege engines!
* Cities can be raided with random teleporters
* Buildings can create and consume individual items
* Buildings can evolve into other buildings after a certain number of uses.
* Buildings can be converted into other buildings
* Cities have different types of government (democracy, communism, anarchy, libertarianism, etc.) with customizable buffs.
* Cities can give potion effects
* Arrow traps can automatically shoot arrows at non-member players or mobs
* Catapults can fire TNT with remote control to hit precise targets
* Buildings can automatically move items on the cart to other buildings.
* Warehouses can automatically move items into buildings as needed
* Buildings can spawn animals
* Buildings can be restricted to certain biomes
* Cities may restrict which buildings you can build depending on which buildings you have already built
* and more!

Plugin rights:
civs.admin - Overrides any ownership command (use creative mode to override civilian protection) - Allows access to the Civs shop (by default granted to all players)
civs.join - Allows a player to join a city (by default granted to all players)

Plugin Commands
/cv - Open menu

* Vault
* Saving
Plugin * Permissions Plugin (Optional)
* MMOItems (Optional)
* MythicMobs (Optional)
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