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Description of the BuildSystem plugin:​

BuildSystem is a simple yet powerful, as the name suggests, system for builders with many great features for everyday use.
Manage worlds in the world navigator, easily change their permissions, projects and status. And don't forget: let each player decide for himself what settings suit him, and now you can start building!
“Please read the entire page before purchasing the plugin! »

BuildSystem plugin commands and permissions:​

/back - Teleport back to the previous location.
Usage rights: buildsystem.back
/blocks - Opens a menu with secret blocks
Usage rights: buildsystem.blocks
/build - Puts the player into "Build Mode", which allows them to bypass worlds that are set to "archive".
Usage rights:
/buildsystem - Show all commands
Usage rights: No rights
/config - Reload the config.
Usage rights: buildsystem.config
/day [world] - Sets the daytime in the world . Usage
/explosions - Disables explosions in the world.
Usage rights: buildsystem.explosions
/gm <gamemode> [player] - Change your game mode.
You can use the following arguments for each game mode:
Survival: survival , s, 0
Creative: creative, c, 1
Adventure: adventure, a, 2
Spectator: spectator, sp, 3

Usage Rights:
buildsystem.gamemode - Change your own game mode
buildsystem.gamemode.others - Change another person's game mode
/night [world] - Sets the world time to night.
Usage rights: buildsystem.night
/noai [world] - Disables AI entities in the world.
Usage rights: buildsystem.noai
/physics [world] - Toggles world block physics.
Usage rights: buildsystem.physics
/settings - Opens a menu with settings for each player.
Usage rights: buildsystem.settings
/setup - Change the default items when creating worlds or changing world status.
Usage rights: buildsystem.setup
/skull [player/id] - Get the player's head.
You can get a custom skull head using /skull <id> . ID here: <ID> Usage
rights : buildsystem.skull
/spawn [set/remove] - Set, remove or teleport to spawn location. Do not confuse this command with /worlds setSpawn.
Permissions to use: buildsystem.spawn The right to use the /spawn [set/remove] commands, the /spawn command itself does not need the right
/speed [1-5] - Changes the player's speed. If the number is not specified, a menu will open where you can manually select the desired speed.
Usage rights: buildsystem.speed
/top - Teleport to the highest point above you.
Usage rights:
/worlds - Opens the navigator.
Usage rights: No rights
/worlds addBuilder <world> - Add a builder to the world
Usage rights: buildsystem.addbuilder
/worlds delete <world> - Delete a world. Before a world is deleted, you must confirm its deletion by clicking on the lime paint.
Usage rights: buildsystem.delete
/worlds edit <world> - The world must be imported in order to edit it . Usage
rights: buildsystem.edit
/worlds help - Overview of all /worlds commands.
Usage rights: No rights
/worlds import <world> - Import world
Usage rights: buildsystem.import
/worlds importAll - Import all the worlds in your server directory at once.
Usage rights: buildsystem.import.all
/worlds info [world] - Shows information about the world.
Usage rights:
/worlds item - Get the World Navigator.
Usage rights: No rights
/worlds rename <world> - Rename an existing world.
Usage rights: buildsystem.rename
/worlds setItem <world> - Set the world item that is displayed in the world navigator.
Usage rights: buildsystem.setitem
/worlds setCreator <world> - Set the world creator.
Usage rights: buildsystem.setcreator
/worlds setProject <world> - Set world project
Usage rights: buildsystem.setproject
/ worlds setStatus <world> - Set world status
/worlds setPermission <world> - Set the permission of the world.
Usage rights: buildsystem.setpermission
/worlds setSpawn - Set the world spawn point to which the player teleports when entering the world.
Usage rights: buildsystem.setspawn
/worlds removeSpawn - Remove a spawn point
Usage rights: buildsystem.removespawn
/worlds tp <world> - Teleport to the specified world
Usage rights: buildsystem.worldtp

How to use the plugin:​

Creation of the world​

1) Open the navigator by clicking the Navigator element or using the command: /worlds

2) Click on the chest icon to open the World Navigator.



  • 100% customisable messages and scoreboard
  • Powerful navigator which allows for an overview of all worlds. Extra GUIs for:
    • Not Started, In Progress, Almost Finished and Finished maps
    • Maps that have been put to the Archive
    • Private player maps: Each player can create their own map, if a map with their name doesn't exist
  • Create worlds with ease: When creating a world, choose from:
    • Predefined worlds or
    • Custom generators provided by 3rd party plugins or
    • Custom templates which you can add yourself
  • Easily manage your worlds: Choose from over 6 different statuses for each world
  • When in worlds that are set as finished, the player is invisible and can fly in adventure mode, so they can only have a look without breaking anything [bypass: /build]
  • Set the permission you need to join a worlds
  • Change what project each world is for (e.g. "A small BedWars map")
  • Set the world itemso you can spot them faster among other worlds
    • You can choose from all items that are available in Minecraft
  • Import, delete and create worlds with ease
  • New and improved navigator!
    • Not a GUI anymore, but furthermore an interactive navigator
    • But if you rather have a "normal" GUI, the option is there for you to toggle between the
  • Per player settings
  • Building tools:
    • Toggle block physics
    • Custom speed
    • Receive player skulls
    • Change the time in a world with only a single command
    • Toggle double slab breaking
    • NoClip
    • Open iron doors and iron trapdoors
    • Night vision
    • Disable interactions with certain blocks
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