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Tower Defense X: This minigame is about surviving waves and hordes of enemies! Though you can't really fight by yourself for too long because you will get overwhelmed with the increasing strength and numbers of enemies! Therefore, you should build towers that will automatically attack enemies and help you with your fight! You can unlock new towers as you level up and progress. Build different towers and upgrade them to ensure that you can survive the waves! This plugin is highly inspired by Balloon Tower Defense (BTD), I tried to imitate it and add my own ideas suiting Minecraft!


- Create your own towers with your own properties and designs! There are 16 default towers!
- Create your own enemies with your own properties and designs! There are 16 default enemy!
- You can also create Bosses! and specify when they summon and all their properties!
- Customize each difficulty rewards and effects on the game! You can completely control the strength and progression of waves in any way you like!
- Versus mode! When playing in a multiplayer arena you can join the enemy team and start controlling the enemy waves! With AI assistance
- Survival Event! When in versus mode, there is a chance that a survival event will begin where enemy team players can hunt down the defenders and kill them removing some of their coins!
- Endless mode!
- Multiple paths!
- The core of the game is highly customizable! You can change many coins each tower/upgrade costs, how many coins/exp does each enemy give, when do new enemies spawn, how much tougher are these enemies and so on! You can change game mechanics dramatically!
- Multi-arena! You can make many arenas and in the same world too!
- Bungee-Mode! The plugin can be installed along other plugins like in your factions server and what not but it can also take over the server and force players to join the lobby! Or even a specific arena and once the arena finishes the server restarts
- Classes! Create your own classes and give them special abilities and buffs! You can also make them require permission! There are 10 default classes
- Boosters! Encourage users to play with temporary coin boosters
- Parties system! All done through a gui, You can create a party and invite players
- Achievements! customize the achievements requirements and awards, and view the achievements in a cool scrollable gui
- Lobby countdown shortening system! If the arena has a certain number of players the timer will be shortened to begin faster
- Create leaderboards for many stats! kills, coins, wins, games played, waves survived, player exp, towers built, sold, upgraded, etc... and you can also display players head
- Ranks! players earn exp and rank up unlocking new towers until they reach the maximum rank which is configurable, you can also run your own commands when a player reaches a certain rank
- Prestiges! Players can reset their rank and increase their prestige! This will prevent players from getting bored after achieving the max rank
- Fully customizable scoreboards!
- Spectator mode!
- MySQL Support and normal files support
- Titles support!
- Join signs, Auto join signs, Leave signs, Leaderboard signs!
- Built in world manager, you can create, delete, import, backup, restore, tp, setspawn, list, worlds.
- You can customize most of the plugin messages, inventory names, signs format, arena states, items, titles, chat prefixes! BUT NOT ALL. some things are forced to be english!
- The plugin contains a broadcaster system that announces certain messages every x seconds
- PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI Support!
- Holograms support! you can make holographic stats and a holographic leaderboard and display tower names in holograms through HolographicDisplays
- Give winners/losers custom maps and display your own images!
- Create your own coin modifiers for vips! You can give them double coins or triple and so on!
- Clickable 'play again' chat messages
Spoiler: Expand
- Fully independent! Can run fully by itself without the need of a single plugin! It doesn't even need multiverse due to its own world management system!
- Tower shooting effects! (Shot trails)
- Difficulty voting system!
- You can send messages to party members only by starting your message with an exclamation mark
- A profile gui where you can see all of your stats and your unlocked achievements
- A guide item to help players learn more about enemies
- Amazing rollback system
- Lightweight cooldown system
- Edit arenas on the fly!
- Supports UUID and normal names
- Built in coins system, but it can also use vault economy
- A fireworks ending
- You can separate the spectators chat, team chat, and the lobby chat!
- You can create permissions that allow players to have more slots per party
- Players names are colored based on their team, players health is shown below their name, players coins are shown in the tablist!, and enemies show health bars
- You can run your own commands on players when the arena starts or when players win
- You can have an animated scoreboard title
- Basic API and Events
- Create and edit arenas on the fly! You can also create towers easily!
- Smooth, well designed, and created to be able to handle large amount of players


Please keep in mind this is recorded on an early version. Things can change a lot in coming versions but the core idea will be the same.



Spoiler: Pictures


The plugin is highly customizable but not fully!! There are some things that are hard-coded like sounds and SOME texts! Below you will find a list of all files generated by the plugin! Using this you will be able to see EXACTLY what you can change and what you cannot!

Spoiler: Plugin Files


Spoiler: Commands


A huge thank you to @mmuziek for making this awesome tutorial on version 1.5!
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