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Free Download plugin ✅ Resource World ✅ Resources in minecraft will never run out! 1.9.7

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Description of the Resource World plugin:​

Resource World is a simple but very useful plugin on some servers. It will help you make a real paradise in terms of resources for your players on the server. The essence of the plugin is that it creates a world in which resources (ores, trees ...) never run out. This is a good replacement for auto-mine, since you can set the time when this world will be updated and regenerated to its original state. Also in the plugin, for the need, there are many settings with which you can adjust almost the parameters, from ore to reset time.

Resource World Plugin Features:​

  • Super customizable
  • Multiple worlds
  • Placeholder API Support
  • Easy to use GUI
  • World of Disabled Commands
  • Hourly reset
  • And much more!

Resource World plugin commands:​

/ResourceTPP - teleport to the world of resources
/Resource Spawn - Set spawn point in resource world
/Resource Reload -Reload plugin configuration
/ Resource Menu - Open a convenient graphical menu for the plugin
/Resource Reset - Reload the world with resources (refresh the world)

/Resource TP Nether - Teleport to the nether with resources

/ResourceTP End - Teleport to the end world with resources

Resource World plugin permissions:​

rwwtpp - Access to the /Resource TP command (Default available: everyone)
rwwtpp.nether - Access to the /Resource TP Nether command (Default not available to anyone)
rwwtpp.end - Access to the /ResourceTP End command (Default not available to anyone)
rww.admin - Access to admin commands (Default available: op)

Variables for PlaceholderAPI:​

rww_world% - Shows the time until reset in the main world

rww_nether% - Shows time until reset in nether

rww_end% - Shows the time until reset in the edge

How to install Resource World plugin?​

plugin is required PlaceholderAPI

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Take the downloaded file and transfer it to the plugins folder of your server.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Done.
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