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Free Download plugin EcoItems - Custom crafts on the Minecraft server 5.15.1

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Description of the EcoItems plugin:​

Want to create more crafts on your server? What about custom recipes for anything on your server? Then EcoItems is what you need. Full crafting support from other ECO plugins. Support for plugins like Oraxen and ItemsAdder. The plugin will also support your own crafting items.

Stacked items, enchantments, hex codes, gradients, whatever. EcoItems supports absolutely all of the above. With this plugin, you will forget about the complex creation of crafting recipes on the Minecraft server

How do I install it?​

It's as simple as any other plugin. Just put the plugin in your plugins folder and restart the server. EcoItems supports plugin management plugins like PlugMan and ServerUtils so don't worry about breaking it.
Install eco first: eco

That's it, let's start with the commands:​

/ecoitems give - the main plugin command.

/ecoitems give <player name> <item> <amount>

Example: / ecoitems give <player> talisman_core

Right to use: ecoitems.command.give
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