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Description of CustomItemGUI Pro Plugin:​

Excellent RPG item editor, this plugin can install over 40 options, you can use this plugin to create amazing weapons or armor for your server, and has a funny GUI can socket your gem into a custom item.

CustomItemGUI Pro Plugin Features:​

Fully translatable and customizable​

You can translate any message and we have built in 3 languages, the
item can be customized as you like, the whitefish contains an attribute.

Command support using TAB​

This feature saves you from having to memorize complex commands.

Ease of use​

You have a very useful GUI so editing any data or value is very easy and the plugin has a cool GUI socket let your server loke a real RPG game


  • Item Customization
  • DisPlayName
  • Unbreakable item
  • Item Lore
  • 1.9+ durability data Texture 3D models
  • Damage and attack speed
  • PvP and PvE Damage
  • Critical Damage and Chance
  • Armor protection
  • PvP and PvE defense
  • AoE radius and damage
  • BlockAmount & Rate
  • vanilla attributes
  • Armor and armor durability
  • Attack Damage
  • Knockback resistance
  • Movement speed
  • Max Health
  • Luck
  • Gem Options
  • Item Type Restrictions
  • Success rate

More details about the features and main functions of the CustomItemGUI Pro plugin:​

Item Editor GUI​

You can edit any item using the GUI's /cig edit menu. This menu makes editing much easier, you can edit everything related to your subject. Each editing step is detailed and simple, and you can also see your custom element when you are in the editing GUI, which can be easily viewed at any time.

Item attribute statistics​

You can set more attribute stats on your custom element and also display attribute stats on your custom element.

Item sets and bonus​

You can install bonus sets in your custom item, and you can also customize item sets to your liking. This is an extremely powerful feature, it can give the player extra stats when the player is wearing multiple items from the same item set, like in RPG games. A set of items can give the player additional stats such as damage, CirtDamage, Penetration.

Display and glow of objects​

Rare items can glow when dropped, and the color of the glow depends on the level of the item.
In addition, when falling, you can set a hint for the name of the subject.

Item NBT-Tag​

You can use this plugin to install NBT-Tag, /cig edit GUI may be more convenient to install.

Custom item textures​

you can set custom item data to easily add custom textures

Item flags​

If you don't want to see the vanilla attribute, you can use Falgs to hide it, you can also hide other flags like Unbreakable, Enchants, Distroys, and Potion Effect.

Item Socket GUI​

You can add a gem to your custom item if that item contains an empty socket, and you can use the Socket GUI to socket the gem in the item,
but you should be aware that the gem may not work with the item's socket like in a real RPG .


Gems are a great way for players to upgrade the items they receive.
The player can use different types of gems to add an attribute to an item, such as bonus damage, pierce, crit damage, pvp damage, health, defense… but items must have empty gem sockets to receive gems, in In the future, we will add a type of gem, for example, only for weapons, armor or universal items.

Item level​

The level is the identification of the rarity of an item, and according to different rarity, the item has a different glow and level name, in the future we will allow items with different rarity to have different bonuses, for example, for legendary items, damage adds double attack.

Custom item durability ( wiki )​

Custom durability is a really powerful system that allows you to create items with a certain number of uses. All items can have a maximum durability rating that determines how many times an item can be used before it breaks or becomes unusable.

There are 3 custom durability styles, namely bar, base, ratio.

Consumables ( wiki )​

Consumables are custom items that players can eat to add health, saturation level, player level and experience, I will add more effects to consumables in the future.

Hex color​

You can add a hex color to an item's Lore, DisplayerName, stats, and text.

Regen indicators​

These indicators represent the damage players deal to monsters and can be fully edited in the main config file.

Item type​

We now have four types of items to choose from: weapons, armor, materials, and consumables.
Currently, these functions are added to the item description only, there are no other functions.

Item Enchantment​

You can now add any vanilla item enchantment as well as set a custom level.

Future update of the CustomItemGUI Pro plugin:​

  • custom fun crafting, not vanilla crafting.
  • custom items can be upgraded, the player can use various materials to upgrade their items.
  • More attribute statistics.
  • item effect particle.
  • item skill

CustomItemGUI Pro plugin commands:​


/cig help - View CustomItemGUI command
/cig load <Item> - Get this custom item

/cig create <Item> - Create a new custom item
/cig delete <Item> - Delete this custom item
/cig save <Item> - Save this custom item item
/cig edit GUI - Open GUI editing

/cig set <Item> type <Materialtype> - Set custom item material type
/cig set <Item> Itemtype <ItemType> - Set custom item item type
/cig set <Item> data < value> - Set custom item data, this can collocation texture to set your item model (damage)
/cig set <Item> modeldata <value> - Set custom item data, this can collocation texture to set your item model (CustomModelData)
/cig set < Item> name <Name> - Set the display name of the custom item.
/cig set <Item> unbreakable <true||false> - Set Unbreakable custom item, type 'true' or 'false'
/cig set <Item> setlore <line> <lore> - Set custom item history
/cig set <Item > stats <Stats> <value> - Set item stats,
/cig set <Item> Enchantment <Stats> <value> - Add a vanilla enchantment to a custom item, such as a DAMAGE_ALL value
/cig remove <Item> stats <Stats> - Remove a custom item's stats, such as a custom PvEDamage value
/cig remove < Item> Enchantment <Stats> - Remove vanilla enchantment from a custom item, e.g. DAMAGE_ALL


/cig flags <Item> add <flags> - Add custom item flags as HIDE_ATTRIBUTES
/cig flags <Item> remove <flags> - Remove custom item flags as HIDE_ATTRIBUTES


/cig NBT <Item> add <Attribute> <value> - Add the NBT of a custom item, e.g. ATTACK_DAMAGE
/cig NBT <Item> add <Attribute> <value> <EquipmentSlot> - Add the NBT of a custom item to the specified EquqipSlot, e.g. HAND
/cig NBT <Item> remove <Attribute> - Remove custom item NBT, e.g. ATTACK_DAMAGE
/cig NBT <Item> remove <Attribute> <EquipmentSlot> - Remove custom item NBT to specify EquqipSlot as HAND


/cig socket GUI - Open socket gem GUI
/cig socket add <Item> - Add socket to custom item
/cig socket remove <Item> <value> - Remove custom item socket

Bones & Suit​

/cig suit <Item> add <Suit> - Add a suit to a custom item
/cig suit <Item> remove <Suit> - Remove a custom item suit


/cig gem get <Gem> - get a custom gem


/cig set <Item> ConsumTime <Value> - set consumable requirement time
/cig set <Item> ConsumEffect <Effect> <Value> - set consumable effect when player uses consumable
/cig remove <Item> ConsumTime - remove consumable time
/cig remove <Item> ConsumEffect - Remove consumable effect

CustomItemGUI Pro plugin permissions:​

CIG.reload - Can use the reload command.
CIG.Admin - Can create custom elements. - Can use the help command.
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