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Description of the Epic Paintball plugin:​

A beautiful and easy-to-configure plugin that can add eight mini-games to your server. read more in plugin features

Epic Paintball Plugin Features:​

8 complete mini-games included​

Team Deathmatch: A traditional paintball game mode. The team with the most kills wins.
Capture the flag: The team with the most other team's flags in their base wins.
Rush the Flag: Same as Capture the flag, but there is only one flag in the middle. Each team fights to get to their base.
Free For All : Team Deathmatch, no teams. Each player is on their own team.
Domination : Each team has a 4x4 square that the other teams try to defend. They protect it by standing
over it for a certain amount of time.
Their score is subtracted from the number of bases they have every 10 seconds.
(the more they save, the more points they get)
Last team standing: No arena timer, the arena won't end until one team is left and that
team wins.
Destroy the Core : Each team has a "core" with levels. To win, you will destroy the other team's core
by throwing paintballs at it. The team that survives last or has the most lives wins.
Kill Confirmed : From Call of Duty. Similar to Team Deathmatch, however, when you die, you drop a token. To
Confirm a kill, you collect a mark and get points. If you don't confirm the kill and someone else
gets it, you don't get
Last Team Standing points:: each player has a limited number of lives (set in config.yml). The last remaining team that does not run out of lives wins.

8 free maps designed for this plugin​


Supports the CrackShot plugin​

Create your own weapons with CrackShot​

Completely optional
if you don't want to use CrackShot, some really fun default guns are already included!


As seen on large networks (~600 players)

Unlimited arenas​

100% customizable (every message can be changed!)​

Support for flat files and SQL​

Support 1.8+!​

Up to 16 teams per arena​

Customize the name and color of each team

Color matches the player's wool cap, dyed armor and nameplates

Additional support for BungeeCord​

3 types of arena​

Normal: This is a multi-arena where many arenas can happen at the same time and players join via commands/signs.

Rotation: There is always one arena playing on the server, and the arena automatically rotates randomly for each arena.

Voting: one arena always plays on the server and the arena is determined by a majority of votes

Bets, prizes, teams to win​

Customize the whole reward system, set rewards/punishments for wins, losses, deaths, kills, connections, etc. Winning
percentage support

Amazing scoreboard​

Beautiful scoreboards are loved by many players
Fully customizable, flicker-free, detailed information is displayed beautifully

coin shop​

Allow players to buy cool weapons and items to use in the game
Customize usage with donor permissions, vault prices, kill coin prices, expiration dates, materials, names, etc. - all inside items.yml

Advanced arena configurations.​

arenas.yml : configure each arena setting SPECIFICALLY for the arena or leave the default config.yml
items.yml : configure each item in the coin store.
config.yml: configure all settings for gameplay
messages.yml: configure each message
bungee.yml: enable BungeeCord support with information
database.yml: provide information for MySQL/SQL.
playerdata folder: stores all inventory items and information about the player
statistics folder: stores all statistics for leaderboards.
Configurations never break and have an automated backup system to ensure data is not lost between updates and configurations are automatically updated when version changes

Game Hacking Detection: Autoclicker​

Variables for team_name, arena_name, team_color and stat types (see leaderboard section)
No dependencies required, you can run it yourself
No restrictions on arena shape​

And much more.....

Epic Paintball plugin commands:​

Teams for players​

/pb join [arena name] - Enter the arena

/pb join <arena name> <team> - Join the arena and its team

/pb leave - Leave the arena

/pb spectate <arena name> - Observe the arena

/pb stats [player] - View player statistics

/pb list - List of all arenas

/pb top <stat/all> [page] - View leaderboards

/pb wager <amount> — Money rate

Arena Customization Commands​

/pb arena - Show all paintball arena teams
/pb arena create <arena name> - Create a new arena
/pb arena set <arena name> <spawn/lobby> <team/all> - Set arena spawn locations
/pb arena del < Arena name> <spawn/lobby> <team/all> - Remove
arena spawn location /pb arena setspec <arena name> - Set spectator seats
/pb arena delspec <arena name> - Remove spectator seats
/pb arena setflag <Name arenas> <team> - Set CTF flag location
/pb arena delflag <arena name> <team> - Remove CTF flag location
/pb arena min <Arena name> <number>- Set minimum number of players to start
/pb arena max <arena name> <number> - Set maximum number of players
/pb arena setteams <arena name> <chatcolors> - Set teams using chat colors
/pb arena rename <arena name> < new name> - Rename arena
/pb arena steps <arena name> - Make a list of arena steps to start it

Administrator Commands:​

/pb admin - Display paintball admin commands
/pb admin start <arena name> - Force start arena
/pb admin stop <arena name> - Force stop arena
/pb admin remove <arena name> - Delete arena
/pb admin reload - Reload config .yml
/pb admin enable <arenaname> - Enable the arena
/pb admin disable <arenaname> - Disable the arena
/pb admin info <arenaname> - Show arena statistics
/pb admin setholo <stat/all> [page] - Create leaderboard hologram
/pb admin delholo [radius] - Delete all arenas within radius
/pb admin reset <player> [stat] - Resets a player's stats or all of their stats
/pb admin convert <arena name> <ctf/tdm> - Converts an arena to a different type
/pb admin kick <player> - Kicks a player from the arena

Epic Paintball plugin rights:​

Rights for players​

paintball.default - Permissions for all admin commands (The rest can be omitted below)

paintball.join - Permissions for the /pb join command - Command permissions /pb join <arena> <team>

paintball.leave - Permissions for the /pb leave command

paintball.spectate - Permissions for the /pb spectate command

paintball.stats - Permissions for the /pb stats command

paintball.list - Permissions for the /pb list command - Permissions for the /pb top command

paintball.wager - Permissions for the /pb wager command

paintball.leaderboard.use - Allows you to click on the leaderboard to see the player's stats

paintball.spectate.use - Allows you to click on the spectator sign

paintball.join.use - Allows you to join the game by sign

paintball.autojoin.use - Allows you to join a game with an auto-join sign

paintball.join.* - Allows the player to join any arena

paintball.join.<arena name> - Allows the player to join a specific arena

Arena customization rights​

paintball.arena - The main right for setting up arenas (The rest can be omitted below) - Permissions for the /pb arena command

paintball.arena.create - Permissions for the /pb arena create command

paintball.arena.setlocation - Permissions for the /pb arena set command

paintball.arena.dellocation - Permissions for the /pb arena del command

paintball.arena.setspec - Permissions for the /pb arena setspec command

paintball.arena.delspec - Permissions for the /pb arena delspec command

paintball.arena.setflag - Permissions for the /pb arena setflag command

paintball.arena.delflag - Permissions for the pb arena delflag command

paintball.arena.min - Permissions for the /pb arena min command

paintball.arena.max - Permissions for the /pb arena max command - Permissions for the /pb arena setteams command

paintball.arena.rename - Permissions for the /pb arena rename command

paintball.arena.steps - Permissions for the /pb arena steps command

Administrator rights:​

paintball.admin - Basic permission for the admin (The rest can be omitted below) - Permissions for the /pb admin command

paintball.admin.start - Permissions for the /pb admin start command

paintball.admin.stop - Permissions for the /pb admin stop command

paintball.admin.remove - Permissions for the /pb admin remove command

paintball.admin.reload - Permissions for the /pb admin reload command

paintball.admin.enable - Permissions for the /pb admin enable command

paintball.admin.disable - Permissions for the /pb admin disable command - Permissions for the /pb admin info command

paintball.admin.setholo - Permissions for the /pb admin setholo command

paintball.admin.delholo - Permissions for the /pb admin delholo command

paintball.admin.reset - Permissions for the /pb admin reset command

paintball.admin.convert - Permissions for the /pb admin convert command

paintball.admin.kick - Permissions for the /pb admin kick command

paintball.leaderboard.create - Allows you to create a leaderboard

paintball.join.create — Allows you to create a join sign

paintball.autojoin.create - Allows you to create a sign to automatically select the arena to join

paintball.join.remove — The right to remove an entry sign

paintball.autojoin.remove — The right to remove an autojoin sign

paintball.leaderboard.remove - Allows you to sign the leaderboard

paintball.spectate.create - Allows you to create a sign for spectators

paintball.spectate.remove - Allows you to remove the sign for spectators

paintball.update - The player will be notified to update when joining.

Other rights for the plugin​

paintball.admin.commands - Disables all command restrictions while playing
paintball.admin.viewchat - Sends chat messages from players in arenas
paintball.join.<Arena Name>.bypass - Allows a player with this permission to bypass the full lobby by hitting someone . Without this permission only applies to a specific arena
paintball.join.*.bypass - Allows a player with this permission to bypass the entire lobby by hitting someone without this permission applies to all arenas

Screenshots of the Epic Paintball plugin:​




Video review of the Epic Paintball plugin:​

What you need to install (Dependencies)​

All dependencies are optional, which means that Paintball can work out of the box. You can also add these dependencies to add extra functionality!

Crackshot: create your own weapons by installing CrackShot (see setup FAQ)
HolographicDisplays : allows you to have access to /pb admin setholo [stat] and set hologram leaders
PlaceHolderAPI : gives many variables that can be used with other plugins like scoreboard and chat to display game information for players.
The syntax for paintball placeholders is: paintball_ {stat name} where the stat name is a lower case name without
spaces. Example: paintball_kills, paintball_gamesplayed, paintball_kd etc.
team_name will be replaced with the name of the team the player is
on team_color will be replaced with the color of the team the player is on
arena_name will be replaced by the name of the arena the player is in.
Vault : Allows this plugin to access server money.
(to buy things). Without this plugin, all money exchanges will be removed and the only form of currency will
be coins earned by killing
LeaderboardHeads: Paintball offers basic leaderboard processing - chief by signs, holograms or heads. However, you can expand the leaderboards beyond
create weekly, monthly, daily or lifetime leaderboards, badges, characters, etc. with this plugin. You can then even sync it with your server's website to see your stats online! (Please note that this was implemented on my side, but it may take the author a few weeks to update it as it has exams)

How to install the Epic Paintball plugin?​

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Take the downloaded file and transfer it to the plugins folder of your server.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Ready.

How to set up Bungee Cord? And how does it work?​

  1. Go to bungee.yml, set bungee to true
  2. Go to bungee.yml and enter the name of your hub server in the Hub-server-id field.
  3. Upload a plugin like BungeePortals or BungeeSigns to your hub server.
  4. Install signs on the hub server to send the player to the game server
  5. When a player clicks on the sign, they will join the server and automatically join the game
  6. When the game ends, the arena will close and players will be sent back to the hub.
  7. If you want the plugin to install the motd of the Bungee server, inside bungee.yml set the state-as-motd parameter to true. Then use a plugin like BungeeSigns which will load motd with %motd% placeholder to display on the sign
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