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MoneyHunters is a simple plugin that adds a little more ways for your players to make money. With MoneyHunters they can earn money by killing mobs (including MythicMobs), fishing, farming, digging and mining! And you can even come up with your own ways to do it!

MoneyHunters PRO plugin commands:​

/mh [help] - Main command.
/mh stats [Player nickname] - View the current statistics of your or the specified player.
/mh boosters [Player nickname] - View the player's personal boosters.
/mh addbooster <Player Nickname> <Job Name> <Money> <exp> <Minutes> - Add a personal booster for the player.
/mh addexp <Player Nickname> <Job Name> <amount> - Add experience to player job data.
/mh addlevel <Player Nickname> <Job Name> <amount> - Add a level to the player's job data.
/mh reload - Reload the plugin and database.

Commands from the premium version:​

/mh setexp <player nickname> <jobid> <number> - Set the player's job experience.
/mh setlevel <player nickname> <jobid> <amount> - Set the level of the player's work.
/mh reset <player nickname> <jobid/all> - Reset the player's progress.
/mh drop <money> <world> <x> <y> <z> - Drop a money item at the specified location in the world. You can provide range values in the money argument to randomize it.
/mh leaderboard list <type> <job name> - Displays statistics of the best vacancies of the specified type in the chat.
/mh leaderboard hologram - Create and delete holographic leaderboards with HolographicDisplays .
/mh jobs - Open graphical interface with vacancies statistics.
/mh objectives <Job Name> - Open GUI with all job objectives and all bonuses.

Rights of the MoneyHunters PRO plugin:​

moneyhunters.user - User access to the main functions of the plugin.
moneyhunters.save - Save money when a player dies.
moneyhunters.job.<id> - Access to the specified job. Where id is the name of the job file.
moneyhunters.admin - Full access to plugins.

Rights from the premium version of the plugin:​

moneyhunters.bypass - Bypasses all plugin restrictions.
moneyhunters.bypass.job - Bypasses all job restrictions.
moneyhunters.bypass.job.objective - Bypasses all job targets.
moneyhunters.bypass.job.objective.level - Bypasses all job level requirements.
moneyhunters.bypass.job.objective.limit - Bypasses all daily limits for given tasks.
moneyhunters.bypass.job.objective.limit.exp.<job> - Bypasses all <job> target exp limits.
moneyhunters.bypass.job.objective.limit.money.<job> - Bypasses all objective money limit <job>

Available types of tops:​

KILL_ENTITY - Receive money from normal mobs.
KILL_MYTHIC - Receive money from MythicMobs.
BLOCK_BREAK - Get money from mining blocks
FISHING - Get money from fishing.

MoneyHunters PRO plugin variables:​

%moneyhunters_level_<jobId>% — Job level
%moneyhunters_exp_<jobId>_current% , %moneyhunters_exp_<jobId>_up% — Job experience
%moneyhunters_multiplier_<jobId>% — Salary multiplier
%moneyhunters_booster_money_rank% — Rank booster
%moneyhunters_booster_exp_rank% — XP booster
% moneyhunters_booster_money_global_<jobId>% - Global money booster
%moneyhunters_booster_exp_global_<jobId>% - Global experience booster
%moneyhunters_booster_money_personal_<jobId>% - Personal money
booster %moneyhunters_booster_exp_personal_<jobId>% - Personal experience booster
%moneyhunters_leader_top-level_<jobId>_<position>% - Top-level leader
%moneyhunters_leader_daily-exp_<jobId>_<position>% - This day's leader
%moneyhunters_leader_daily-money_<jobId>_<position>% - This day's leader on money

How to display statistics:​

On the plate

1 line: MH or MoneyHunters

2nd line: statistics type (TOP_LEVEL, DAILY_EXP, DAILY_MONEY)

3rd line: job ID
( Id is equal to the name of the job configuration file)

4th line: place

On the hologram:

Make sure you have HolographicDisplays installed .

In game enter /moneyhunters hologram add

Enter arguments: statistics type and job ID.

How to install the MoneyHunters PRO plugin?​

Additional plugins:​

✓ PlaceholderAPI - Adds variables to the plugin.
✓ AdvancedMobArena - Show money from the plugin on the mobar.
✓ MythicMobs - Get paid for killing MythicMobs.
WorldGuard - Disable money drop in specified regions.
✓ Inventory Compatibility - Allows you to take money from any other plugins or GUIs.

  1. Download the archive.
  2. Open the archive and transfer the .jar files to the plugins folder on your server.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Ready.
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