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What is ParadiseLand Reworked?​

Welcome to the ParadiseLand world generator page. I'll illustrate some points...
You should know that the first version of this plugin was developed in 2015 and released to Spigot on August 24, 2016. It was designed to generate floating worlds for a very old version of Minecraft, and it was updated before December 30, 2019 to the latest (1.15.2) flat version of Minecraft. But there were many problems with this generator that cannot be fixed with a "patch". Therefore, I needed a way to solve these problems and get the perfect generator. After some thought, I finally made the decision to rewrite it from scratch. After thinking about something that other generator plugins didn't have, I had an idea. These plugins are invasive and change some server classes and can be harmful to other plugins, each version of them is specific to a small range of Spigot/Paper versions,

ParadiseLand-Reworked attempts to address and remove these issues with the asynchronous generator engine that underpins the plugin. It works with local database support for storing and saving fragments to be generated asynchronously with Spigot/Paper generation.

ParadiseLand plugin screenshots:​








Please read before using the ParadiseLand plugin!​

  • As of BETA-1.1.6, ParadiseLand is considered playable and stable, so you can finally use it on public servers!
  • You should know that:
  • I suggest you use Spigot or Paper. Currently YatopiaMC (thankfully discontinued), Purpur and others use this plugin as well as Paper, but I won't support it due to its optimizations.
  • After every update, I advise you to backup and delete the old /plugins/ParadiseLand directory!
  • It is recommended to back up your worlds before updating the plugin after updating...
  • It is not possible to transfer the world from the old version of Minecraft (1.8 - 1.12.2) to the flat version of Minecraft (1.13+).
  • Updating the world from 1.13 to 1.15.2 may cause problems and is not recommended.
  • Updating the world from 1.17 to 1.18 to 1.19 is theoretically possible without any problems

Pre-generated world with the ParadiseLand plugin:​

Download it from pre-generated world MEGA: ParadiseLand 1.17.1
This world is generated with ParadiseLand-BETA-1.1.5 and may differ from newer versions.

How to use it:​

Single game​

  1. Unzip the "ParadiseLand World 1.17.1" folder into the .minecraft/saves folder.
  2. Start using your world from the single player menu.


  1. Place the unzipped folder "ParadiseLand World 1.17.1" on your server.
  2. You can rename it to "world" or load it with MultiverseCore or a similar plugin.

Remember that without the ParadiseLand plugin nothing will work:
Preventing leaf rot
Proper mob spawning
Paradise world generation → at the corners of the world, your game will generate

the overworld You can also use it with 1.16.5 with game conversion.

Hardware requirements​

  • Minimum java version 8
  • Minimum requirements "You need a good processor with almost 4 cores at 3 GHz
  • Minimum RAM " Spigot server with at least 4 GB of RAM.
  • Please don't report PaperSpigot timeout exception! Check the Known Issues section for the fix.

Tested all versions of Spigot with the following hardware:​

  • AMD Ryzen 3900x 4.35Ghz 12 cores 24 threads with HDD (5400RPM) and SSD (SATA).
  • Works very well!
  • Intel I7 7700k 4.2/4.5Ghz 4 cores 8 threads with HDD and SSD (SATA).
  • Works very well!

RAM usage​

  • RAM usage is ~2GB for normal chunk generation on the server.
  • RAM usage is ~6GB or more while generating heavy chunks with a generation plugin like Chunky or WorldBorder.

Installing the ParadiseLand Plugin:​

IMPORTANT » The revised version is not compatible with the old one!

  1. Stop the server and make a backup!
  2. Delete the old ParadiseLand plugin and its folder.
  3. Place the plugin jar in the /plugins directory.
  4. Start the server.

How to generate world in ParadiseLand plugin:​

You can generate a ParadiseLand world with these methods:

  • With a world management plugin like Multiverse-Core
    /mv create paradise NORMAL -g ParadiseLand:eden.yml -t FLAT

    If you don't set the world type to FLAT, you'll have a "black sky" glitch at height 61.
    I've tried to fix this problem with packet manipulation. See the No Black Sky plugin for more details.
  • In the bukkit.yml file, you can set the world type of the generator by adding this optional "worlds" property:
    generator: ParadiseLand:eden.yml
  • Remember that "worldName" MUST match the name of the world in . If you need other worlds, you must use Multiverse-Core or a similar plugin!

  • ParadiseLand plugin commands:​

    /paradiseland - for a list of commands
    /paradiseland info - for information about the plugin
    /paradiseland schematic - this command requires paradiseland.schematic permission to execute.
    /paradiseland schematic list - This command requires paradiseland.schematic.list permission to run.
    /paradiseland schematic paste <schematic-file-name> [0, 90, 180, 270] - This command requires paradiseland.schematic.paste permission to run.


    I'll write all the documentation soon when the plugin is out of BETA. In any case, you can find full documented comments in every config file. You can send me a private message, I will help you!

    Known Issues​

    Please don't judge badly and report this issue in the plugin discussion!
    PaperSpigot thread dump "not responding".

    If you accidentally stumbled upon "The server hasn't responded for 15 seconds! A stream is being dumped", don't pay attention! This is not a bug, but a server slowdown.


    How to fix​

    Open the paper.yml configuration file and change the property settings.watchdog.early-warning-every to a higher value, such as 120000.


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