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Nuclear reactors
Nuclear weapons
Custom items
Highly configurable
Worldguard integration

List of Custom Items
Atomic Bomb
Enriched Uranium
Fuel Rod
Hazmat Boots
Hazmat Chestplate
Hazmat Helmet
Hazmat Leggings
Hydrogen Bomb
Nuclear Waste
Radiation Pills
Reactor Core
Uranium Ore

Spoiler: Default Recipes

Uranium ore can be obtained through mining. Different ores/blocks have configurable probabilities of dropping uranium ore when mined

Uranium ore is useless until its enriched via smelting. Enriched uranium is used to make fuel rods for reactors and nuclear weapons


Nuclear Reactors
To create a nuclear reactor, you need to place 1 reactor core, 3 cauldrons, 1 hopper, and 1 furnace in the configuration show below (note: the furnace must be placed last):


To use the nuclear reactor, simply place fuel rods in the hopper. By default, 1 fuel rod will power the furnace for the same amount of time as a lava bucket would (1000 seconds)

Radioactive nuclear waste will be produced while the reactor is running and will be deposited into the hopper or dropped on the ground if the hopper is full. Nuclear waste will radiate players if they hold it in their inventory or stand near it when its on the ground. Wear hazmat gear to reduce its effect!

While the reactor is running it will use up the water in the cauldrons. By default, 1 cauldron level of water is used every 30 seconds. If the reactor runs out of water it will meltdown (explosion + radiation in surrounding area)

Nuclear Weapons
There are two nuclear weapons: atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb
Both weapons cause a large explosion on impact and radiate the surrounding area but the hydrogen bomb is more powerful
To launch a nuclear weapon, click the item while looking in the direction you want the missile to fire and it will explode on impact
Spoiler: Gif



Players' radiation level is displayed in a bossbar as shown below (the bossbar will go away when their radiation level is 0)
Spoiler: Image

Sources of radiation include: holding nuclear waste, standing near nuclear waste, reactor meltdowns, nuclear weapons, and Worldguard regions with the rads-per-second flag

The effects of radiation are configurable but by default the effects are: weakness starting at 25 rads, nausea at 50 rads, wither at 75 rads, and harm at 100 rads

Players' radiation level will slowly decrease as time passes or they can use radiation pills to significantly reduce their radiation level


The amount of radiation a player receives from a radiation source can be reduced by wearing hazmat gear. For each piece of hazmat gear the player is wearing, the amount of rads received is reduced by 25% so if the player is wearing a full hazmat suit they are fully protected from all radiation. By default, the recipes for hazmat gear is the same as normal armor but the material is sponge


Commands & Permissions
/nuclearmc reload

Desc: reloads NuclearMC
Perm: nuclearmc.reload

/nuclearmc help
Desc: displays help information

/nuclearmc give <item> <amount> [player]
Desc: gives NuclearMC item
Perm: nuclearmc.give

/nuclearmc items
Desc: List all NuclearMC items
Perm: nuclearmc.items

/nuclearmc radiation <add/remove/set> <amount> <player>
Desc: Modifies radiation level of player
Perm: nuclearmc.radiation

nuclearmc.* - gives access to all commands

NuclearMC plugin commands:​

/nuclearmc reload - Reload NuclearMC

/nuclearmc help - displays help information

/nuclearmc give <Item> <Amount> [Player Nickname] - Gives an item from NuclearMC

/nuclearmc items - Lists all NuclearMC items

/nuclearmc radiation <add/remove/set> <amount> <Player nickname> - Changes the player's radiation level

You can make an area radiated by setting the " rads-per-second " flag. Example: /rg flag RadiationZone rads-per-second 3

If PVP is disabled in the region, then nuclear weapons will not harm players.

NuclearMC plugin rights:​

nuclearmc.reload - Permission to command /nuclearmc reload

nuclearmc.give - Permission to command /nuclearmc help

nuclearmc.items - Permission to command /nuclearmc items

nuclearmc.radiation - Permission to command /nuclearmc radiation

nuclearmc.* - Gives access to all commands

How to install the NuclearMC plugin?​

The plugin requires Worldguard 7.0.0+

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Take the downloaded file and transfer it to the plugins folder of your server.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Ready.
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