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If you have any payment problems, please open a ticket on the discord server.


Hey, I know you are interested in this plugin, you came to this place for a reason, right?

Well, let me tell you all the wonderful things about this plugin.


The crates work based on ModelEngine or ItemsAdder models, the rewards animations are vector based, we try to make the in-game editor as complete as possible, if you see that something is missing please let us know.

The kinematics displayed when opening a crate works by means of packets.

Also the re-roll system.


  • .jar file
  • The resource pack with the crate model(the resource pack is in our discord).

MagicCrates is available to make amazing animations and actions like this.


With these and more animations I assure you that you will be able to do very cool things.


It is really simple.

  • /magiccrates key <give/take> <crateId> <player/*> <quantity> - magiccrates.admin | Depending on the command it takes or gives a crate key.
  • /magiccrates play <crateId> - magiccrates.admin | Starts the crate kinematics, this can be used for testing.
  • /magiccrates editor - magiccrates.admin | Open the editor to start configuring your crates.
  • /magiccrates reload - magiccrates.reload | Reload the configuration files.
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