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LiteBans is a lightweight UUID ban plugin that allows temporary and permanent bans on Minecraft players.
When a player changes their name in Minecraft through Mojang, they retain their bans, disables, and warnings.

All punishments made through LiteBans will act globally across all servers linked to the same database.
While LiteBans is designed to efficiently sync between hundreds of servers, it can run on a single server without a MySQL database.

LiteBans can run Spigot, BungeeCord and Velocity, offering the same experience across all platforms.

LiteBans Plugin Features:​

  • Designed from the ground up with UUID support in mind. All punishments are based on UUID.
  • Fully customizable kick screen for banned players, multiple lines and colors can be used, as well as variable ban information - ban duration, reason, ban employee, ban server, time since ban, date and duration of original ban bath and much more.
  • All messages are configured in the messages.yml file. There are many useful variables that can be placed in any custom message, including a ban, mute, or warning. Hovered text and RGB colors are supported.
  • You can view the history of punishments for players (/history) and punishments issued by employees (/staffhistory).
  • Several database types are supported, including MySQL, MariaDB, and H2. H2 is the default, which means MySQL is not required to use LiteBans on a single server.
  • When a player with a banned account on the same IP joins, all players with the correct rights will be notified.
  • An advanced system of easy server-to-server synchronization allows global punishments and broadcasts to instantly take effect on all servers connected to the same database.
  • Employees can be "rolled out" - all punishments they have taken can be removed at any time by one team. Dealing with employee abuse has never been easier.
  • Bans can be imported from vanilla (including Essentials) and six popular plugins including MaxBans, BanManager, AdvancedBan and BungeeAdminTools.
  • Offline players may receive warnings; they will see all their new alerts when they join. This works on all servers.
  • Players cannot override penalties by setting very short bans or mutes unless they have permission.
  • Light weight, multithreading and performance. LiteBans uses the minimum amount of memory and does not block the main server thread with any database requests after it starts.

Interserver Synchronization​

One of the best features of LiteBans for networks is the server-to-server synchronization system.

For example:

Server A, Server B and Server C are running LiteBans and connected to the same MySQL database.

If a player on server A mutes on server B, it will immediately happen on server A, the player will be muted, and all players on servers A, B, and C will see a broadcast indicating that the player has been muted if they have has permission and broadcast sync is enabled. If a player leaves server A and joins server B or C, they will still be disconnected.

Web interface​

The web interface displays all bans, disables, warnings and kicks.
It allows you to view all punishments for specific players or employees, as well as find out when these punishments expire.
* Free website not included, you will need your own website hosting.


Installation guide:

JSON support​

LiteBans allows you to define custom hover text in all posts, including broadcasts.
Only players with permission (litebans.json.hover_text) will see this text.
All variables available for use in the messages.yml file can also be included in the hover text, along with colors and newlines.



broadcast_ban: '&e$bannedPlayer &chas been banned. {hoverText: &aHover text here!}'

LiteBans Plugin Commands​


The ban (/ban) command can be used like this:

/ban [-s] <target> [duration] [reason] [server:*]
Also: /tempban, /ipban, /unban

<Target> can be a name, UUID, or IP address.

If you ban a player by IP, their UUID and IP address will be banned at the same time, so they will not be able to join the same account using a different IP address.

[server:*] is an optional parameter that can be used if the plugin is installed on Bungee/Velocity or if you have multiple instances of LiteBans.
By default, all punishments are global (*).
Server ranges (punishments per server) are detailed on the wiki here.

Example: /ban Player 7d [reason] server:Survival

The /ban and /mute commands have a fixed duration unless specified. If the player does not have the litebans.unlimited permission, the duration will be limited to the maximum duration (per group) specified in config.yml.

Reasons for /ban, /mute, /warn and /kick may include colors and newlines ("\n"). For example:

/ban Player &cLine 1\n&aLine 2
IP bans with an asterisk are supported, for example, /ipban 127.0.0.*.
Example: /ban Player -s 7d [reason].

You can also use it like this:
/ban Player -s 7 days [reason]

Or like this:
/ban Player [reason] -s 7d

Or this if you really want to:
/ban 7d -s Player [reason].

The target must be listed first. The reason (optional) must be specified after the goal. The duration can be specified anywhere.

If the duration is not specified, a permanent ban will be imposed.

These flags can be used for bans, disables, warnings and kicks:

  • -s for silent punishments. Only online players with litebans.notify.silent permission will be able to see the broadcast.
  • -S for additional silent punishments. The broadcast will only be seen by the console. Requires litebans.extrasilent permission to use.
  • -p for public punishments - if you have silent punishments enabled by default, you can use this flag to make the punishments public (not silent).
  • -N to prevent existing penalties from being overridden by new ones, unless (configurable) the duration specified is greater than the duration of an existing penalty.
If you use "--" (double dash) before the punishment reason, the flags will be ignored and they will be displayed in the reason. Any flags specified after "--" are treated as literal text.

You can ban online and offline players, including players who have never logged into a server before.
Other commands that take a target and a reason (/mute and /warn) can be used in the same way as the ban command.


Valid units: (s)econds, (m)inutes, (h)ours, (d)ays, (w)eeks, (mo)nths, years.

Examples of time units (all of these commands are valid):​

  • /ban Player nickname 3 days [reason]
  • /ban Nickname of player 3d [reason]
  • /ban Player nickname 3days [reason]
  • /ban Player nickname 1 day [reason]
  • /ban Player nickname 1day [reason]


The mute command (/mute [-s] <target> [duration] [reason] [server:*]) allows you to disable a player. While a player is disabled, they cannot chat or use blacklisted commands.
Related commands: /tempmute (requires duration), /ipmute, /unmute


The warn command (/warn [-s] <target> <reason> [server:*]) allows you to warn the player. Warnings expire after a configurable time. When a player receives a predetermined number of warnings, predetermined commands can be executed.
Related commands: /unwarn (removes the last warning of the player).

The history command (/history <target> [server:*]) shows the bans, suspensions, kicks, and warnings the player has received recently, sorted by date.


You can view active warnings for a player using /warnings <target>.
/staffhistory <target> can be used to display bans, disables, kicks, and warnings given by the player.
/prunehistory <target> [duration] can be used to clear the player's punishment history.
Example: /prunehistory Player 5 days
/staffrollback <target> [duration] can be used to rollback all staff actions (bans, disables, warnings, kicks) with an optional duration.

For /prunehistory and /staffrollback, the specified duration is the time elapsed since today.

If you use the "/staffrollback StaffMember 3 days" command, all punishments given to StaffMember in the last 3 days will be removed and all unbans/permissions given to them in the last 3 days will be cancelled.

Note: These two commands cannot be undone unless you have backups.


The dupeip command (/dupeip <target>) allows you to view all accounts that have joined on the same IP as the target and see if they are online, offline or banned.
You can also use the /ipreport command, which checks all online players.
You can also use /iphistory to check the last IP addresses the player has joined the server with. (Requires "delete_previous_history: false" in config.yml)



The checkban command (/checkban <target>) allows you to check if the target has been banned. It will also tell you when the ban was applied, when it expires, if it was an IP ban, and if it was a silent ban.
Related commands: /checkmute


The kick command (/kick [-s] <player> [reason]) allows you to kick an online player. This will be recorded in the player's history.

You can also kick players from other servers and proxies run by LiteBans connected to the same database.
This applies to all plugin versions (Spigot/Bungee/Velocity) and does not require Bungee/Velocity.


The geoip command (/geoip <target>), if enabled in the configuration, allows you to check which country the player is from. This can also be used for offline players.

You can check a player's UUID (online or not) with the /lastuuid <target> command.

Chat can be cleared with /clearchat. Players with "litebans.notify.clearchat" permission will be notified when the chat is cleared.
Like blocking, by default, this feature only affects the server's local area. (server:local)

You can view the list of active bans using the /banlist [page] command.

You can reload the configuration at any time using the /litebans reload command.
This will reload config.yml and messages.yml and apply the new settings.
Restarting LiteBans will also force it to reconnect to the database.

The server can be put into lockdown mode using the /lockdown <reason> command. All players who do not have permission to bypass will be kicked out when the ban begins and will not be able to join until it ends. You can end the mode with /lockdown end.

In Bungee/Velocity, you can provide a server range for /lockdown. Currently only one range at a time can be affected by /lockdown.
Example: /lockdown <reason> server:Survival
Global lockdown for ALL servers on the same network: /lockdown <reason> server:*

Note: /togglechat cannot be used in the Bungee/Velocity plugin version.
Chat can be toggled for users with litebans.togglechat permissions using the /togglechat command. This command allows users to "mute" incoming messages from other players.

Chat can be temporarily disabled globally using the /mutechat command. Players with the litebans.mutechat.bypass permission will still be able to chat.

LiteBans admin utility commands:

/litebans reload - Reloads the plugin and reconnects to the database.
/litebans info - Provides information about the state of the database connection, the number of active connections, and shows servers connected to the same database.
/litebans broadcast <message> - This command allows you to broadcast any message using the LiteBans broadcast channel. The message will reach all servers connected to the same database, it may contain chat colors and newlines, and only players with "litebans.notify.broadcast" will see it. The "broadcast-type:<perm>" argument allows you to override the permission required to view the broadcast (litebans.notify.<perm>), and this command requires the "litebans.broadcast" permission.
/litebans timezone [timezone] : - See Wiki: Timezones
/litebans unlink <player> - Unlinks all IP addresses of the given player from /alts. This unbinds the target accounts. If these accounts are joined again by the same IP in the future, they will be linked again.
/litebans cleariphistory <name/UUID/IP> - Clears the IP address history for a specific name, UUID, or IP address. For general use, it is preferable to use the unlink command, as it allows you to correctly display the history of punishments.
/litebans reset-database - Clears all punishments from the database. This command requires confirmation and can only be run via the console.
/litebans fixhistory- Usually not required. Adds the missing username+UUID entries to the history table. Can be used after cleariphistory, but this only works online as usernames are obtained from Mojang.
/litebans addhistory <name> <UUID> <IP> - Allows you to directly add the IP history to the database.

Requirements for the LiteBans plugin​

MySQL support in the plugin requires a working MySQL database.

If you are running a single instance of the plugin and don't need a web interface, you don't need a MySQL server and the plugin will work right away with no configuration after installation.

An active internet connection is required, but only the first time you run the plugin. Dependencies - which are only downloaded once per update and can be downloaded separately - will work offline once stored in the LiteBans data folder.

How to install the LiteBans plugin?​

LiteBans can be installed in several ways. It can run on a single Spigot server, on multiple Spigot servers linked to the same MySQL database, or it can be installed directly on BungeeCord or Velocity.

Should I install the plugin on all my Spigot servers or just Bungee/Velocity?

Please note that your configured permissions on Spigot will not be automatically transferred to BungeeCord or Velocity.

LuckPerms has support for BungeeCord and Velocity. If they are set correctly, the permissions are transferred between Spigot and the proxy.

If you want LiteBans to be present in Spigot (Spigot permissions, ability to use with Spigot plugins that use /ban, /mute, /kick, etc.) then you can install it on every Spigot server and link all plugin instances along with one database.

Otherwise, if you're happy with using the Bungee/Velocity permission system (LuckPerms recommended) and don't have Spigot plugins that need to use LiteBans commands, then you can install it directly on BungeeCord/Velocity and you don't need to install it on any of the servers connected to the proxy.

To install Spigot on a single server:​

  1. Upload the plugin to the plugins folder.
  2. Start the server (or restart it if it's already running).
  3. Edit config.yml and messages.yml as needed, then run "/litebans reload" command.
  4. Set up permissions using any permissions plugin you have installed.

With multiple Spigot servers:​

  1. Install the plugin on all servers you wish to link together using the instructions above for each server.
  2. Set the plugin to connect to the same database on all servers.

With Bungee Cord:​

  1. Upload the plugin to the BungeeCord plugins folder. The plugin does not need to be installed on any of the servers associated with the proxy.
  2. Start BungeeCord (or restart it if it's already running).
  3. Edit config.yml and messages.yml as needed, then run "/litebans reload".
  4. Set up permissions using any permissions plugin you have installed. You need to add the "litebans.notify.broadcast" permission to the default group if you want players to see broadcasts.
  5. If you are using the server offline, you will need to link your authentication system (eg AuthMe) with
  6. BungeeCord, otherwise users will be able to execute commands without authorization.

With multiple instances of BungeeCord:​

Note: LiteBans does not require or use RedisBungee to sync across multiple servers.
Bans, mute, broadcasts, notifications and kicks will be synced across multiple BungeeCord proxy servers running LiteBans as long as they are connected to the same database.

The configuration is simple and intuitive - you only need to connect the servers to the same database, nothing else is required.

  1. Download the plugin and copy it to the plugins folder of each BungeeCord instance.
  2. Customize config.yml and messages.yml and copy them to all instances. The default configurations will be placed in the "plugins/LiteBans/" folder after the first launch of the plugin. For proper synchronization, all instances must be connected to the same MySQL database.
  3. Adjust the permissions in the config.yml of each BungeeCord instance and restart. You need to add the "litebans.notify.broadcast" permission to the default group if you want players to see broadcasts.
  4. If you are running the server offline, you need to install AuthMeBungee, otherwise users will be able to execute commands without being registered.

Reservations when using the BungeeCord version:​

  • You will need Bungee's own permission system (LuckPerms is recommended).
  • There is only one global configuration per plugin instance. (config.yml, messages.yml) - this can also be considered a plus.
  • Spigot plugins cannot directly execute BungeeCord commands, and vice versa. Anticheat plugins, for example, won't be able to globally ban players if they can't run the /ban command from the internal server.
  • When banned from the console, you must use the BungeeCord console.

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