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Kingdoms is plugin similar to Factions which provides more advanced core features and
introduces new mechanics such as turrets, structures and invasions to make the game more fun.
Kingdoms is heavily optimized and easy to use.

Currently the plugin is being constantly updated on the discord server. You can also join to get a free copy there.
If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer. Just not in DMs.
You can see the full list of features in the wiki.


Interactive Help Pages


Advanced GUIs - Custom Ranks - Shields - Kingdom Settings


Advanced Command Auto Completions


Interactive Map & Kingdom Information


Land Indicators & Visualizers


Turrets & Protection Signs

Terms of Service

  • No refunds for any reason.
  • You will not be granted any new privileges or entitlements (including special treatment from the support team, or new features) by purchasing this resource. It's merely a donation.
  • There is no guarantee that the plugin will be maintained for the old tested versions specified, in future updates. The plugin only supports the latest patch of the specified "Tested Minecraft Versions".
  • All the plugin features are only available for the native version specified. Older versions might be missing some features.
  • The plugin is specifically designed to support Spigot. While Paper servers should not experience any issues, it will not work on Bukkit. Bugs caused by other forks of Spigot will not be fixed as they're mostly a bug with the server software.
  • I cannot guarantee that I'll add your suggestion(s).
  • Only the features mentioned in the wiki will be provided. I'm not responsible if you misinterpret these features.
  • The plugin is only compatible with the requirements specified in the wiki. Read the wiki before purchasing the plugin.
  • I have the right to change the ToS at any time without prior notice.
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