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Description of the ItemRecycler plugin:​

ItemRecycler is a lightweight plugin for recycling/development of unwanted items. It is extremely easy to use. Recommended for semi-vanilla, survival servers. It supports recycling over 150 items and has 2 types of anti-duplication protection. The plugin is also highly customizable. You can change all messages and edit GUIs. You can also recycle worn items and the plugin will automatically calculate the result. The plugin supports a permission-based success rate (donators may have a higher chance of success). You can also change the % of ingredients returned. A recycler block can also be spawned or crafted and then right-clicked.

Here is a quick overview of how the ItemRecycler works:​

a) Simple recycling​



Recycler block ItemRecycler​


The Recycler Block is a skull block that can either be spawned or crafted. When you right-click on a recycler block, the recycler opens if you have sufficient permissions. You can also change the skull texture if you don't like the default texture.

Recycler craft in ItemRecycler:​

The Recycler can also be crafted with the following crafting:

(This function is disabled by default, to enable it, set the parameter recycler-block.craftableto true)

Video review of the ItemRecycler plugin:​

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