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Description of the Iris World Gen plugin:​

A full-featured world generator in Minecraft for you on the server. This generator is capable of a lot. Just read its features, and you will understand that there are practically no analogues of the plugin.

Video review of the Iris World Gen plugin:​

Version Compatibility​

Minecraft versionsJava versioniris plugin versionOverworld version
1.14 - 1.16.516Iris 1.3.11-FINALPack 1.16
1.14 - 1.16.511Iris 1.3.9Pack 1.16

Plugin documentation: go

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Iris World Gen Plugin Features:​

Iris World Gen plugin features​

Iris is a full featured generator, here is a detailed list of all features currently supported.

  • New ! Custom Biomes with Data Packs! Now you can give your biomes custom colors for leaves, grass, water and sky!
  • New ! MCA Pregenerator, depending on your CPU, you can turn 15 chunks per second into 90 or more chunks per second!
  • Iris Overworld has over 100 biomes, 2,000 schematics and lots of details. You can view the Overworld project at
  • Fully customizable dimensions with "projects". Create your own biomes, regions, layouts and scenery with ease.
  • Iris has a "Studio" mode that allows you to create dimensions in json with schema support (autocomplete).
  • No biome restrictions
  • While you're designing your world, keep flying and watch your changes get fed into the generator.
  • Iris can't cascade, ever! It generates schemas (objects) in a separate regional space (memory and storage) and then writes only the sections to the generated fragments. It's called "Parallax Layer".
  • Quick biome search with /iris goto
  • Downloading and generating a project from github

Relief features​

Iris is a full featured terrain generator. Terrain features are specific to what Iris is capable of generating

  • NEW ! NOWHERE noise generator, similar to IRIS noise generator, but 300% faster!
  • NEW ! Iris Jigsaw now lets you define villages, strongholds, and even your own structures!
  • NEW ! Parallax Vacuuming, allows placed objects to "suck" terrain all the way to the bottom of the placed object.
  • Unlimited 3D biomes
  • cave biomes
  • Biomes of coasts, oceans and land, specific to a particular region
  • Redefining biome locations and ridges
  • Complete BlockState Abstraction: Define block states in their entirety, not just their types
  • More than 50 types of noise generators to choose from (when designing worlds) Simplex, Perlin, Cellular, Static, Fractal FBM, etc.
  • New type of interpolation developed for Iris: STARCAST. Look here for more details. Bilinear, bighermitic, bicubic, starcast and other tension options are included.
  • 3D noise reduction
  • Noise generation according to the biome with interpolation based on height boundaries for smoothing instead of raw noise interpolation.
  • Schemas (objects) up to 512 x 256 x 512 blocks
  • Full featured structure system supporting infinite structures
  • Support for custom block states (custom block/resource packs)
  • Deposit generators (usually used to generate ore). Create deposits of any type and size.
  • Layered decorations (decorates caves, under carvings)
Note: An internet connection is required to download Iris measurement projects. If that's not possible, you can download the zip files from and extract them to the packs folder in Iris.

Iris World Gen plugin commands:​

You can see here

Iris World Gen plugin permissions:​ - the right to manage the plugin. only for admins

Screenshots of the Iris World Gen plugin:​

Where to begin​

A quick start to help you create Iris worlds in no time!


The server versions we directly support are Purpur (recommended), Paper, Tuinity and Spigot.
Any other version of the server you may be using may not work well with Iris.

Iris can create and generate any number of worlds for you, including the main one.
Iris does come with a little guidance, but we're trying to make it as easy as possible for you here.

Depending on what you're going to be doing and how fast you're working, these tutorials take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to complete. Be patient and take your time.

We strongly discourage the use of other world generators with Iris World Gen. This is because some other plugins override world generators by default (which is bad practice), meaning that even if you create the world with Iris, their generators may decide to take control.

Do you want to change your main world with Iris or create a new one?​

If you want to change your main world ,
check that Iris World Gen overrides your main world.

If you don't, but want to create a new world instead,
check out the Iris World Gen that creates a new world.

Iris World Gen overrides your main world​

0. Installation.​

Stop the server, install Iris for your version. If you need to download the package for any reason (standalone servers, etc.), download the correct release here . We strongly recommend that you allow iris to download it automatically to make sure you select the correct one.

1. Adding Iris to Bukkit.​

First you need to specify Iris as your world generator. You do this by adding it to the bukkit.yml config file . You will find this file in your main server directory (after you have started the server at least once).

At the bottom of the file, you need to add the following:

generator: Iris

2. Server start​

Start your server. You know how to do it :)

3. Waiting​

Wait for the following lines to appear in the console before proceeding to the next step:

[Iris]: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
[Iris]: ============================================================================
In the game, you can also see this in the chat (printed at the same time as the console):


4. Stop the server​

Stop the server. You know how to do it :)

5. Removing World Components​

Delete the contents of the world folder. Delete everything in the */world folder in your server's main directory, except for the datapacks folder .


Before deleting files (may vary slightly)


After deleting files (should be the same)

6. Starting the server​

Start the server. Ready! Enjoy your world!

Consider pre-generating your world to reduce lag.

Create a new world using the Iris World Gen plugin​

Before moving on to step 0, consider using a Worldmanager such as Multiverse (recommended) or Hyperverse. You need to install them before step 3 if you want the manager to use them, otherwise iris will manage it on its own.

0. Server stop​

Stop the server, install Iris, start the server. You must place the file in the plugins folder on your server. You will find this folder in the main directory.

1. Overworld download​

Download overworld with /iris download overworld in game (remove / if using console).
Before proceeding to the next step, wait for the following lines to appear:

[Iris]: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
[Iris]: ============================================================================

In the game, you can also see this in the chat (printed at the same time as the console):


2. Reboot.​

Reboot the server. You know how to do it :)

3. Creation of the world​

Create a world with /iris create <worldname>, replace <worldname> with whatever name you want, except iris, world, world-nether, and world-the-end.


/iris create irisworld

Steps 1 and 2 only need to be done the first time you create a world with Iris. If you are creating another world with the same version of the external world and plugin, you can skip these steps and go straight to creating a new world.
If you are using a newer version of the plugin or Overworld, see "Updating Overworld - Regular".

To make Iris always remember Iris' world as Iris' world, add the following to the */bukkit.yml file :

generator: Iris

<name> is the world name you used earlier in the /iris create command.

Consider pre-generating your world to reduce lag.

Iris World Gen at 1.16​

If you want to use Iris on 1.16, you need to install a different version of both the overworld package and the Iris plugin.

You need to install the plugin version that matches your version of Java. Installing a plugin is the same as any other, you put the plugin file in the */plugins folder.

Installing the correct package, which again can be found on the same page, is a little more difficult here.

Each of the steps corresponds to the corresponding marker in the screenshots.

1. Download the package and place it in the packs folder . After downloading the package using the Versions page, you will receive an file, most likely in your Downloads folder. You must place this in your server's packages folder. You will find this folder in */plugins/Iris/packs.

If there is a folder named overworld in the folder, delete it.
2. Select the zip file in your directory. Select the zip file as shown in the image. If you are following a server, there is probably a way to select a file.


3. Click the Extract Options page. A pink "Extract" option should appear at the top of the window. Click this option. If you're following a server, there's probably an option to decompress or decompress. If you need help finding this, please contact your server.

4. Click extract all. This will open a new window with some options.


5. Rename the folder it is extracted to. In the input field, remove at the end: overworld-1.16 . If you're following a hosted server, make sure you've extracted the folder to your packs folder and that the folder you created doesn't have a second folder like */plugins/Iris/packs/overworld-1.16/overworld-1.16/* .

6. Extract the zip file. Just click "Extract" and wait until the progress popup disappears.


7. Rename folder. Rename the folder named overworld-1.16 to overworld.


8. Check again if it works. Open the overworld folder and make sure all subfolders are there, like regions, sizes, biomes, etc. If these folders are one deeper, inside the other folder, delete the main overworld folder and go back to step 5, you probably forgot to delete the end of the text you entered.


If you have verified that everything went well, you can delete the original file.
9. Do you want to change your main world with Iris or create a new one?

If you want to change your main world,
Check the Iris box that overlays your main world and only follow steps 0, 1 and 2.

If you don't, but want to create a new world instead,
check Iris creating a new world, start your server, and only follow step 3.

Study Information​

Although not a requirement, this guide has been written using

Minecraft 1.17

  • iris1.5.10
  • Java16.0.1
  • Purple 1.17.1version1296
Minecraft 1.16

  • Iris 1.3.9(Java 11) & Iris 1.3.11-FINAL(Java 16)
  • Java 11.0.10& Java16.0.1
  • purple 1.16.5version1171
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