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CombatPets is a pet plugin that allows your players to have customizable custom combat pets on your server! Plugin based on simple and intuitive GUIs and commands which makes it pretty simple to learn and understand for admins and players.

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The plugin is in BETA! There could be various bugs/errors/mistakes/glitches! There will be many updates soon with fixes and improvements.

I have a TO-DO list with many interesting features planned to be implemented with stable releases. Stay tuned.

If you have purchased CombatPets back in 2018-2020, please PM/DM me with a payment details and I'll add you to the buyers list.

Available Pet Types

Almost every mob can be a pet! Each pet has a proper attack/navigation goals, so they act completely like a regular mobs.
Spoiler: List of Pet Mobs
Green = Fully supported
Orange = Has issues
Red = Not supported

Allay (Beta)
Bat (Can't Attack)
Cave Spider
Frog (Beta)
Iron Golem
Magma Cube
Mushroom Cow
Piglin Brute
Polar Bear
Skeleton Horse
Wither Skeleton
Zombie Horse
Zombie Villager
Zombified Piglin
Elder Guardian
Wandering Trader
Warden (Beta)
Trader Llama

Pet Templates
Config files, where you can define all general pet settings and then use it in pet configs to avoid copy-pasting the same settings into each config and even create a some kind of pet tiers!

Pet Configs
Config files, where you can define individual settings for each pet/mob, such as entity type, default name, egg texture, etc.
You can create multiple pet configs for the same entity type, but with different templates/settings!
Pet Collection
A list of all the pets a player obtained on the server. Player can only have a single pet instance in their collection for each pet config.
Total amount (limit) of how much pets a player can have can be defined in the config based on permission groups.
Pet Eggs
Special items used to obtain or claim the pets into your collection. Eggs can be given through commands, purchased via built-in shop, or dropped from mobs directly.
Players can transfer eggs to each other, trade them and such!
Pet Naming
This is obviously feature, but however.
Players can rename their pets using a simple command!

Upcoming Improvement: Ability to use regular nametags to rename pets with an option to enable/disable renaming methods.
Pet Health Bar
Customizable boss bar that will display current health of your pet. And you can even use some more placeholders in it!

Pet Death & Revive
When pet dies, there is a few options to define what should happen next:
  • Pet will be removed from the player's collection permanently.
  • Pet will go on respawn cooldown (configurable in pet template).
  • Player will have to pay certain amount (configurable in pet template) to ressurect the pet.

Pet Combat Mode
Since it's COMBAT Pets, there is a combat mode feature for your pets.

There are 4 modes at the moment:
  • Passive - Pet won't attack anyone no matter what.
  • Protective - Pet will attack entities that damaged it's owner.
  • Supportive - Pet will attack entities that were damaged by it's owner.
  • Protective and Supportive - Both modes above together.

You can switch pet combat mode at any time and it will instantly notice it.

Pet Leveling
In CombatPets you can level your pets up! Pets gaining exp by hitting/killing mobs and players. Exp gain mode and exp amount are configurable in the plugin config.

Maximal pet level and exp formula are configurable in pet template configs.

When leveled up, pet will receive certain amount of aspect points, that can be used to increase pet attributes, such as Damage, Health, Speed, Armor, etc!
Pet Aspects
Aspects allows you to control and define which pet attributes and how much they will be changed/increased on leveling up.

Each aspect has a list of vanilla attributes assigned to it. For example, by default there is Strength aspect with Generic Attack Damage attribute assigned to it.
You can create as many aspects as you want with any attributes assigned to them.

In pet template config you can define on how much pet's attributes assigned to certain aspect will be changed when player adds an aspect point on them. For example, you can make it so one aspect will increase Damage, but decrease Health, while other will increase Health, but decrease Damage, and such!
Pet Catching
This is the main plugin method to obtain pets for the players. Catching settings are configurable in pet template configs.

There are 3 catch modes at the moment:
  • Hit - Player have to hit a mob with certain item in attempt to catch it.
  • Click - Player have to right click a mob with certain item in attempt to catch it.
  • Shoot - Player have to launch a certain item in a mob in attempt to catch it.

Catching item is also fully customizable with name, lore, enchants and custom model data support.

There is also an Escape feature:
This means that a pet, which was attempted to be catched by a player, with a certain chance can "escape" from the player and became uncatchable for any other attempts.

Once mob is catched, it will drop a pet egg, that player can use to claim it in his collection or just give it to someone else.

Pet Egg Shop
A simple GUI shop with customizable prices per each pet egg, where players can purchase pet eggs for money.

You can remove certain pet eggs from that shop if you want.
Pet Customizations
Provides an ability for players to change the look of their pets! There is special pet customization items, which can be used on your pets with a right-click to apply a customization!
You can completely disable this feature if you want.
Current customizations:
  • Age (Adult, Baby)
  • Sheep Colors
  • Horse Colors
  • Horse Styles
  • Creeper Charge State
  • Slime Size
  • Llama Colors
  • Parrot Variants
  • Rabbit Types
  • Cat Types
  • Mushroom Cow Variants
  • Villager Professions

There is also built-in shop to purchase customization items! You can remove certain customizations from the shop if you want.

Pet Hunger/Saturation
Pets needs food to be healthy (aka natural regeneration)!
Pets will not restore their health while saturation level is lower than amount defined in the pet config.

You can set which pets which food(s) will consume and how much saturation points it will give to them.
You can set how much saturation points a pet will lost, while is alive, on every pet tick.
Pet Equipment & Inventory
Pets can have equipment and inventories!

Inventory size is defined in the pet template config and can be 9/18/27/36/45/54.

In Equipment menu, you can make your pet wear armor and holding weapons! Please note, that most of the mobs will not have armor and weapon visible on their models, but it will have effect anyway!

Pet Riding (Coming Soon)
We're working on ability to make pets controllable with WASD while riding on them.
For now you can only sit on your pet without any movements
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