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For the velocity version or any questions, suggestions, features or bugs regarding this plugin please contact me on my Discord server!

Don't have PayPal? Feel free to buy BungeeUtilisalsX through Stripe and send me a private message afterwards.

BungeeUtilisalsX is an all-in-one solution for your BungeeCord server coming with a bunch of features and many more features are yet to come!


Apart from the features mentioned above, many more features have been added along the way, these include features like:
- Party System
- Report System
- Full multiproxy support (using Redis + RabbitMQ)
- Commandblocker system (tab complete blocking coming soon)
- RGB color support and gradients
- GUI's (friends, parties and custom GUI's)
- Quick support and bug fixes (especially through Discord, I try to reply ASAP)
- and many, many more features / nice to haves ^^

- Java 16
- Protocolize (optional) (for message sounds and GUI support!)
- PremiumVanish (optional) (supports PremiumVanish to hide vanished members from commands like /glist and /find)
- Triton (custom Triton support is available in the MOTD, as Triton by default doesn't seem to work with BuX motds)

Useful Links

Test Server
You can test BungeeUtilisalsX on our test server:


These screenshots don't cover all features, there are many more features that BungeeUtilisalsX provides. Many commands have screenshots available on the documentation page.

Many of the screenshots can also be found on imgur.

A complete list of planned features / fixes can be found in the issues created by me on the Github Repository.

You can join our Discord server for the quickest support we provide!

Some icons in this thread were made by Freepik and found from
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