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Description of the BattlePass plugin:​

Solution to keep your players active​

BattlePass is a plugin that allows you to offer a practical solution for keeping your players active, allowing them to gain experience and rewards for completing tasks! Now you can provide free and premium pass!

Quests [100+ types of quests available]​

  • This plugin provides the ability to use more than 100 types of quests.
  • Use the quest types to create your own quests that require you to destroy 50 blocks. Be online during the day, walk, fly 20 blocks, create a skyblock island or kill 125 mobs - the possibilities are endless.

Free / premium quests​

  • Create free battle quests for members by default
  • You can also create a premium pass with exclusive quests for select players only - sell the pass in your store, give it to donators - the choice is yours.
  • For users of premium quests, special separate rewards are provided for completing free pass tasks.

Very flexible setting​

  • Set up all quests, all messages.
  • All menus and rewards are also customizable.
  • MySQL databases supported

Extensive wiki and huge community​

  • Visit our BattlePass Wiki to learn more about this plugin, learn how to create your own quests, and more.

Daily, weekly quests and seasons​

  • You have quests that your users can complete on a daily basis.
  • Weekly quests are also available.
  • Set up scheduled weekly quests, for example: week 1, week 2, etc.
  • Seasons are built into this plugin! Change of seasons after the completion of all weeks, resetting the progress of each and much more.

Integrates into plugins [More than 30 popular plugins are supported].​

All of the plugins listed below are supported for quests:

  • Advanced Enchantments
  • Advanced Spawners
  • ASkyBlock
  • Auction House
  • Bedwars1058
  • BuildBattle
  • ChatReaction
  • Chestshop
  • Clans
  • Citizens
  • ClueScrolls
  • CrateReloaded
  • Crates Plus
  • CrazyCrates
  • Crazy Envoy
  • DiscordMinecraft
  • Factions
  • Jobs
  • SkillAPI
  • KoTH
  • Lands
  • placeholderAPI
  • MoneyHunters
  • PlotSquared
  • Procosmetics
  • shopkeepers
  • Strike Practice
  • SuperiorSkyblock2
  • TheLab
  • tokenenchant
  • USkyBlock
  • Votifier
  • UltraSkyWars
  • LuxuryQuests
  • LobbyPresents
Plugin documentation: go

BattlePass plugin commands:​

/bp (/battlepass)​

/bp about - Displays plugin version information.

/bp help - Displays available battlepass commands.

/bp stats - Displays the BattlePass statistics set in lang.yml.

/bp open <menu name> - Opens the specified menu.

/bpa (/battlepassadmin)​

/bpa reload - Reloads all reloadable files.

/bpa give balance <player name> <amount> - Give the player an internal balance (used with internal method on reward-excess-points).

/bpa remove balance <Player Nickname> <Amount> - Remove the player's internal balance (used with internal method on reward-excess-points).

/bpa set balance <player nickname> <amount> - Sets the internal balance of the player (used with the internal method on reward-excess-points).

/bpa set pass <player name> <pass type> - Sets the player's pass type.

/bpa set pass online/all <pass type> - Bulk set pass types for multiple players.

/bpa set points <Player nickname> <points> - Sets the player's points.

/bpa give points <Player nickname> <points > - Give the player points.

/bpa delete user <Player Nickname> - Delete all user data.

/bpa quest ids <week> - List of all quests of the week and their names.

/bpa daily quest ids - List of all daily quests and their names.

/bpa reset quest <player nickname> <week> <id> - Resets a specific player quest.

/bpa progress quest <Player Nickname> <week> <quest id> <Amount> - Progress a specific player quest.

/bpa progress daily quest <Player Nickname> <quest id> <Amount> - Progress a specific player quest.

/bpa refresh daily quests - Refresh daily quests.

/bpa new season - Reset user levels, expected rewards and points.

/bpa material <block/item> - Get the configuration name of the item you are holding or the block you are looking at.

/bpa bypass locked quests <Player Nickname> - Allows the player to bypass weekly locks and complete quests anyway.

/bpd (/battlepassdebug)​

/bpd start - Starts the debug log until it is stopped.

/bpd stop - Stops debug logging.

/bpd creat e - Downloads a debug log that includes information about each online user.

/bpd create <Player Nickname> - Creates a debug log that includes data only for the specified player.

/bpd clear - Clear the contents of the current debug log.

BattlePass plugin rights:​

battlepass.admin - Basic permission for admin

You can set the rest of the rights yourself in the premium.yml config

Placeholders of the BattlePass plugin:​

%battlepass_points% - Gives the number of points the player currently has.

%battlepass_tier% - Gives the player's current level.

%battlepass_pass_type% - Gives the name of the pass the player currently has.

%battlepass_pass_id% - Since version 3.0.1 - Gets the pass ID the player currently has (internal name).

%battlepass_completed_quests% - Since version 3.10 - Displays the number of quests the user has completed at the moment.

%battlepass_completed_quests_CATEGORY% - Since version 3.10 - Displays the number of quests completed by the user in a particular category. If the %week% placeholder is available in the menu, you can sometimes do %battlepass_completed_quests_week-%week%% to display quests completed that week.

%battlepass_quest_amount% - Since version 3.10 - Gives the total number of quests in the battlepass.

%battlepass_week% - Since version 3.10 - Gives the current battlepass week.

%battlepass_time_to_daily_reset% - Since version 3.10 - Gives a formatted time before resetting daily quests.

%battlepass_time_to_next_week% - Since version 3.10 - Gives formatted time until next week is unlocked.

%battlepass_time_to_season_end% - Since version 3.10 - Gives the formatted time until the end of the season.

Screenshots of the BattlePass plugin:​




How to install the BattlePass plugin?​

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Take the downloaded file and transfer it to the plugins folder of your server.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Ready.
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