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Download Azgad The Smoldering Shadow $80.00

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Get the biggest, baddest and most well made flying Model Engine boss you’ve seen
so far.

The Ultimate Minecraft World Boss

Took 2 people a 5+ weeks to make, 2500+ lines of code .
See videos and more imagesfurther down.
Azgad comes with:
Smart AI, he understands if he’s in the air, on water, on land and behaves accordingly.
11 ground skills (all with unique animations): GrillFinish, WingAttack, TailSwing, Roar,
FireBreath, Stomp, RunRoar, Eat, RainOfFire, Bite, Blazing Sun.
4 air skills (all with unique animations): Fire Breath, Flying Roar, Tornado, Grab and
3 types of landings with animations: Standard, Slide, Grab and Fire.
2 Different death animations, one on the ground and one when in the air.
Corpse states with heart ripping animations and models.
Fully configured with unique death messages so the players can learn what killed
12 voiced sounds (can be turned off anytime)
21 voiceless sounds
9 sfx sounds
General features
Can sense which side of him players are, and act accordingly.
Animated textures (Watch the neck glow for example).
All damage is configured through placeholders, so it easily fits any server and can be
skill for mmocore and advance achievments so your players can get exp or achievment
after slaying the Azgad
fully customizable loot
Dependencies: MythicMobs Premium, Lib’s disguises, ProtocolLib and
Tested On: 1.18 6GB RAM server
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