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The purpose of this plugin is to add new features that are not included in Dimensions. Whatever the lower portal can do, dimensions can also be. If you need something more, you can use DimensionsAddons.

Plugin features​

  • Indestructible | Portal frame blocks cannot be broken
  • Hubs | there will only be one portal in the specified world, and every portal that teleports to that world will teleport to that single portal
  • Random location | teleports the player + - specified blocks away from the teleport location
  • Permissions | require permission for players to use the portal
  • Money | players get paid when they use the portal
  • Usage message | send messages when players use the portal
  • Custom element | ignite the portal with custom items (regular enchanted items OR items from ItemsAdder)
  • Portals with daylight sensors | the portal will be able to catch fire at a certain time interval
  • Weather | Portals will only burn inside/outside certain weather conditions.
  • Biomes | Portals only ignite inside/outside the specified biomes and do not teleport to them.
  • Limited use | the portal will be destroyed after they have been used the specified number of times
  • Time portals | Portals will be destroyed after the specified time.
  • Best portals | Portals will show the other end of the portal (requires BetterPortals)
  • Commands for use | Portals will execute commands when a portal teleports.
  • Portals with custom blocks | Portals can have a unique style and not just block the frame material.
  • *NOTE* You must set the build exit portal to false for custom styled portals.

How to use?​

The plugin adds several new features to Dimensions.
You add the addons you want to use to the ./plugins/Dimensions/addons/ folder.
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