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What's new in V13.0?
-Added new disaster achievements (BETA)
-Tons of bug fixes
-Revamped regeneration system (Much much faster and more reliable)
-More config options
-French language support
Upgrading To Pro:
Upgrading to the pro version is as simple as downloading the pro version, and replacing the previous plugin jar with the pro version. All config settings will be carried over automatically and the configs will remain in the same folder.
Limited time Easter event until 4/16!
During this event any player can use the command (/disasters event) to open a menu with their progression throughout the event. Collect 5 eggs by completing certain tasks and then combine all 5 to craft an Easter basket which when placed will summon the Easter Bunny! The Easter Bunny drops a golden egg which can be combined with your boots to give very unique abilities.

Deadly Disasters
Adds naturally occurring disasters to the game to make it more challenging. This is a really hard survival challenge and is really difficult. Most disasters have different levels of severity (levels 1-6).

Thanks to Lordphiphi the plugin now has an amazing resource pack for all the custom items! These textures use custom model data to function and will not affect any vanilla items. Click to download the resource pack here!

Check out these awesome videos of the plugin!

Check out the video above to see some of the pro features!

There are currently 4 difficulty levels in the plugin:

Each difficulty level has its own settings (Time, Offsets, Chances, Etc.) and each world has its own difficulty level that can be changed with commands. Custom difficulty overrides the values with your own custom settings in the worlds.yml file, every time an admin switches worlds they will get a message notifying them of the world's difficulty level (This can be changed in the config).

(Level 6 disasters can be disabled via commands or config if desired, level 6 events can cause major lag)

Spoiler: worlds.yml

This plugin now supports multiple languages, simply in-game use (/disasters language <language>), and most things will be translated. The languages currently supported are:
  • English
  • Chinese (Translations by KPC123)
  • Russian (Translations by ZBLL)
  • French (Translations by Arryl)
I have a discord server you can join if you need any help with the plugin or API to get fast support. You can also make suggestions for future updates!
World Guard:
This plugin has a soft depend on world guard so you can protect your regions, world guard is not required and if you use world guard but do not want region protection you can disable this feature in the config. If world guard protection is enabled and you have world guard installed then disasters will not occur on or damage any regions regardless of flags.
This plugin has a soft depend on CoreProtect so you can roll back any damage caused by disasters under the user "deadly-disasters". CoreProtect is completely optional and the plugin will work just fine without it. Note that blocks damaged after a disaster will not be logged by the user "deadly-disasters" such as leaves decaying from missing trees. Entities that are killed by disasters will not be rolled back as the API does not support this.
This plugin has a soft depend on Towny and will not damage any claimed regions that are expanded vertically!
This plugin has a soft depend on GriefPrevention and will not damage any claimed regions.
This plugin has a soft depend on Lands and will not damage any claimed regions.
This plugin has a soft depend on RealisticSeasons so you can control the temperature and which disasters spawn on which seasons. When the plugin detects RealisticSeasons a file will be created to control the settings (seasons.yml) in the same folder as the config.
This plugin has a soft depend for KingdomsX, all claimed lands will not be damaged.
This plugin has an accessible API which you can use to start disasters or listen for disasters in your own plugins, the documentation is here.
Custom Disasters:
Custom disasters are the newest feature in V9.0 letting players create their own disasters with a variety of tools. Players can then submit their disasters to the discord which then if verified will be added to the in-game disasters catalog (/disasters catalog) for anyone to download and install! This link leads to the guide on how to create your own custom disasters. There is fast and good support on the discord too if you need any help.
Regenerating Worlds:
Blocks destroyed by disasters can now automatically regenerate over time, keep in mind world's disaster difficulty level must be set to CUSTOM. In the worlds.yml file you can configure the regen delay after disasters and in the config you can modify for each disaster the rate of regeneration. Keep in mind that this feature is new and in beta so some blocks may not repair and some may even duplicate! Use at your own risk and please report bugs to the discord.
Block Stability:
You can configure in blocks.yml the resistance of materials and blocks to disasters, many materials are already pre-listed, and if a material you want is missing just add it in with its F3 in-game name. Block strengths vary from 0.0-1.0 where 0.0 means it will always be broken and 1.0 means it is indestructible for disasters.

Current Disasters:
- The terrain around the player begins to fall to the depths of the world into pools of lava (Overworld, Nether, End) (Most biomes)


Earthquakes - The world cracks and forms pools of lava at bedrock throwing all players and mobs around with tremors for the bigger earthquakes (Overworld, Nether, End) (All biomes)


Tornadoes - Wind rapidly spins pulling blocks and all entities around in this cyclone throwing them far and high in the sky (Overworld, Nether, End) (Most biomes)

Tornadoes - Wind rapidly spins pulling blocks and all entities around in this cyclone throwing them far and high in the sky (Overworld, Nether, End) (Most biomes)

Cave Ins - The roof caves in over you and crushes you, watch out when you go deep in a cave (Overworld, Nether) (All biomes)

Water Geysers - A boiling hot water spurt from deep within the earth launches you to the high skies, the water is hot and burns to the touch (Overworld) (All biomes)

Lava Geysers - A burst of lava launches you through the pits of the nether burning to the touch (Nether) (All biomes)

Acid Storms - Acidic rain falls from the sky burning all players and mobs and melts metals so make sure not to drop your tools (Overworld) (All biomes with rain)


Extreme Winds - Strong winds send players and mobs flying through the map, it's best to hide underground during these winds (Overworld) (All biomes)

Soul Storms - Storms made of lost souls in the nether, some souls are hostile and deadly (Nether) (All biomes)

Blizzards - Freezing cold storms that will literally freeze mobs and players in solid ice, mobs can be thawed out after the storm, you will need a fire to keep warm (Overworld) (All biomes with snow)

Sand Storms - Very strong gusts of wind that blow sand everywhere making the desert truly dead (Overworld) (Desert and mesa desert biomes)

Black Plague - Deadly disease that can spread from mobs with a very low survival rate (Overworld, Nether, End) (All biomes)
Tsunamis - A dangerous burst of water that will make ocean traveling much more dangerous (Overworld) (Ocean biomes)

Meteor Showers - The sky turns dark and meteors come falling from the sky causing massive destruction (Overworld) (All biomes)

End Storms - Violent storms caused by unstable rifts release dangerous creatures from the deepest pits of the void (End)

Supernovas - An exploding star reaches the surface causing colossal damage to the environment and obliterating absolutely everything (Overworld, End) (All biomes)

Hurricanes - Dangerous winds spiral out of control creating a massive tropical storm (Overworld) (Jungles and oceans biomes)

Purges - Dangerous mobs gather to hunt a player and will not stop until they succeed (Overworld, Nether, End) (All biomes)

Solar Storms - Very dangerous storms that rain fire and flares all over the world burning everything for twice as long and the very soil itself (Overworld) (Warm biomes)

Monsoons - Very heavy rainfall drowns mobs within it and causes massive flooding damage to the environment (Overworld) (Warm biomes)

Infested Caves - Deep living infestation growth of caves creating pockets of infested mobs to kill wanderers. Warden can also spawn and move throughout the infestation (Overworld) (Deep caves)

Custom Entities:
Spoiler: Endstorm Mobs
End Totem:
A unique mob from the void that can sense disasters before they happen, these creatures spawn during end storms. Baby versions can be tamed with ghast tears and healed with chorus fruit. Will spin violently if within 100 blocks of where a disaster is about to occur (Does not apply to disasters spawned by admin commands). To obtain this pet you must use a void shard to open a rift that void mobs will spawn out of. Void shards are a rare drop from end totems.

End Worm:
These are large creatures that burrow underground and attack their prey from below. End Worms spawn in end storms and can be attacked when they pop out of the ground.

Void Guardian:
These are dangerous creatures that guard the void, they have lots of health and naturally heal very quickly. Void Guardians do more damage when they have less health, when their health is below 50% they enter a rage mode where they do a lot more damage and run very quickly. They have a rare chance to drop their shield or sword.

Void Archer:
These archers are dangerous creatures of the void with strong abilities, they can open a rift to teleport away when damaged. Void Archers carry bows that are capable of opening unstable rifts, they have a rare chance of dropping them.

Void Stalker:
Unknown creatures that have no physical body and fly around during end storms. Upon being damaged by these creatures the prey is blinded and slowed.

Spoiler: Sandstorm Mobs
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