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Free DailyRewards+ | The #1 Daily Rewards Plugin on Spigot! 1.2.9

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Native Minecraft Version:1.16Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
Note: if updating from a version OLDER than V1.2.0 please delete your old Config.yml file and allow a new one to be generated

Enhance your server by adding this all-new Daily Rewards plugin

Supports [1.16-1.19]

New: Introducing PlaceholderAPI Support!

Our plugin encourages your players to log in and play your server every day to unlock fully customisable rewards that fit your servers needs!

DailyRewards+ is like no other daily rewards plugin out there, we not only offer the standard stereotype of a daily reward, we introduce many new features such as crates, GUIs and much more

Reward Plugins are scarce on spigot and when you do come across one its features are limited, DailyRewards+ Strives to go above and beyond this by incorporating many unique features into the plugin:

State-of-the-art GUI's allow your players to quickly visualize and claim their rewards, these GUI's also incorporate statistics enabling players to see their Daily Reward streak and time until their next claimable reward.

You heard that right... This plugin has a built-in crate feature that allows players to claim their rewards with crates, These crates hold high-grade animations when revealing rewards to ensure the best player experience possible.

Everything, Everything is customisable using our 3 easy to read and understand Config files, It has never been easier to set up a plugin just how you want it!


Player Commands


Opens the reward claim GUI

/daily claim
Opens the reward claim GUI

/daily help
Displays all the DailyReward+ Commands

Administrator Commands
Permission to use all admin commands can be given through the permission node: daily.admin / daily.*

/daily reload
Reloads the plugins 3 Config Files

/daily setstreak [PlayerName] [Streak]
Sets a players Daily Reward streak (The Player Must Be Online!)

/daily resetstreak [PlayerName]
Resets a players Daily Reward streak (The Player Must Be Online!)

/daily chest set
Set the chest you are looking at to be a DailyReward crate

/daily chest remove
Remove the DailyReward crate you are looking at (can also be done by breaking it)

/daily edit
Edit all daily rewards ingame

/daily erasedata all/{playername}
Delete all saved data on a user or the whole server


Gives access to every DailyReward+ command/permission

Allows users to use the "/daily help" command

Allows users to use the "/daily" or "/daily claim" command

Allows users to use the "/daily reload" or "/daily chest set/remove" commands

Allows users to use DailyReward chests and access the "/daily chest set/remove" command

Allows users to use DailyReward chests

Allows users to use the "/daily chest set" command

Allows users to use the "/daily chest remove" command


DailyRewards+ Has a very simple, easy-to-understand config system, there are three files in total:
Config.yml, Messages.yml, Rewards.yml

All config files are full of instructions to help you get the plugin up and running with as little stress as possible

Setting rewards has never been easier, an example snippet from Rewards.yml has been added below
Code (YAML):
Day 3:
RewardName: "$5,000 Ingame"
- "eco give <playerName> 5000"
RewardIcon: "SUNFLOWER"
Enchanted: true
GUI Position: 2

Yep... Its that simple!

If you need any help whatsoever with setting up DailyRewards+ make sure to check out our Discord Server for support,
And please remember, if you find an issue with the plugin please feel free to message me at any time before making a review, I would love to help you out in fixing that issue
Spoiler: PlaceholderAPI Placeholders
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