GOLD Bus [3.0]

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Bus model description:​

Bus 3D model for Minecraft Java resource pack, works from version 1.12 to the latest. Adapted for VehiclesPlus, MTVehicles, QualityArmoryVehicles, ItemsAdder* plugins, also works for other plugins of this type.

Bus installation:​

  1. Download the purchased archive downloaded from BM .
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Put the folder in .minecraft > resourcepack
  4. Place the .yml/.json file in the plugin configuration location.
  5. Reload the plugin and resource pack.
If you want to put the model in your resource pack, you need to copy the assets folder from the downloaded resource into your resource pack.

If the models do not work properly, download the latest configuration files!

Features of the Bus model:​

The model is not compatible with the default cars that these plugins provide! You must set it up yourself if you want to use it with base vehicles.

The resource contains only one configuration (VehiclesPlus v2 or VehiclesPlus v3), if you want to change the configuration to another plugin, use this guide

Screenshots of Bus model:​

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