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Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12

BookMenu is flexible, feature rich and high configurable solution for your server text needs like guides, interactive menus, motds, tutorials, RPG dialogs and more!

You define a book.

It has a text player can click to do some cool things.
You can execute commands, open other books, switch between servers, buy things and do tons of other stuff.
Each book and each line of book can have own permission.
Player opens the book without having item in inventory.
Show specific text depending on perms and player balance.
Use placeholders to always display actual info in your books.
Economy intergration.

See it in action on a video below


  • Open interactive book interface without giving book itself to player and having them to click it.
  • Define books using much simple and clear syntax than Vanilla one.
  • Per book permissions and per entry permissions
  • Show different text and hover for players who don't have permission.
  • Ability to open book directly from another one.
    Create dialogs, guides, quests and everything you want to.
  • Use console commands from the book.
  • Use placeholders in your books
  • Use Vault to hook into any economy plugin and implement functionality that allows you to charge players for clicking and show them different things depending on their balance.
  • Send players to different servers with interactive links
Not just a books
The book itself does not store your commands directly.
Instead plugin uses own action system that provides you much more functionality and safety than just a book.

How To
Basically you can write text with color codes like your always did, but when you need to add some functonality, you can use JSON syntax that provides easy and flexible access to all plugin actions and functionality.
The simplest JSON text entry will look like
Code (json (Unknown Language)):
{"text": "Hello, World!"}
And then you can add various features by setting value for different keys

So, if you need a Red Bold line that performs a certain command on click e.g.

It will look like this in your config
Code (Text):
- '{text: "Red Line", color: "RED", bold: true, command: "whatever"}'
# Or like that if you prefer classic color codes
- '{text: "&c&lRed Line", command: "whatever"}

Spoiler: If you are not familiar with JSON
Here is a list of main properties and their values
Sets a command that will be executed by clicking this text
- command: "cmd"

Specifies whether the command will be performed from player or from server console
- console: true / false

Text that will be shown when user moves the cursor over the text
- hover: "This is hover text!"

Opens a book with specified id for the player. The book id is equal to filename without .yml
- open: "book_id"

Opens a specified book page. Useful for large books.
- page: 2

Link that will be opened on click
- url: ""

Send player to other server of your Bungeecord Network
- server: "lobby"

Full list can be found here...

Plugin itself has a %player placeholder which replaced by player name
Now plugin also has PlaceholderAPI integration
PlaceholderAPI is a free resource that allows other plugins the ability to utilize centralized placeholder system.
It works with most of popular resources like Factions, Region Protection plugins, MiniGames, etc.

On a video above you can see example of utilizing BookMenu with Factions using PlaceholderAPI

Text styling
You can style text using familiar color codes like & or §, but you also can use additional text parameters like bold, italic, underlined, and other.

Also there is a very flexible color parameter that can be set in many ways
You can use color name like GREEN, something like §a or &c or even color code itself, so use what is most comfortable for you.

Let's look at a Simple book as another example

Spoiler: Click here to see what's inside

Commands and Permissions

The only command plugin currently uses is /bookmenu
You also can use it as /menu if it's not already taken by another plugin

/bookmenu open - to open menu for yourself or for specified player
/bookmenu reload - to reload plugin config and books

You can set book permissions by adding permission: perm field under book title

bookmenu.admin - allows you to open any book for any player and reload plugin - allows you to open menu by yourself, but only if you have book permission or book has no restrictions

This resource is in active development stage
Most of these will move to the 'Features' list in very short terms

  1. Placeholder API Support - Done
  2. Economy Integration - - Done
  3. 1.8 Version Support - - Done
  4. Citizens Integration
    Currently you already can easily turn books into NPC dialogs by assigning them book open command, but I have some great NPC related features and improvements on my mind, so stay tuned.
This list only contains MAJOR features which currently have the highest priority.
For a full plugin roadmap you can follow this link.


After downloading just put the plugin jar in your server plugins folder

If you're using 1.8.3 or below - you also need to install this dependency:

Plugin is currently in beta, so it may (and probably will) cost more on release after adding features from TODO and your suggestions.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Please, be a good man - don't use review section for issues and bug reports. Thank you in advance!
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