BeaconPlus 3 - Upgradable Beacons for your server!

Free BeaconPlus 3 - Upgradable Beacons for your server! 3.0.63

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BeaconPlus is a spigot plugin that adds more effects to your beacon. The beacon effects can be upgraded using Money, Experience Level, or Items. Each block used in the beacon pyramid has a specific block power value. Active effects have power consumption, which means that they are gonna drain your beacon power if you have too many active effects. The beacon power itself is used to determine the beacon range, the higher power you have, the wider beacon area you get.

  • 22 Pre-Made Effects
    You can make your own effects by using the pre-made as an example, but there are some pre-made effects that already included in the plugin
    • Furnace Booster
      Boosts your furnace
    • Strength Effect
      Gives strength potion effect to players inside beacon area
    • Invisible Effect
      Become invisible inside the beacon area
    • Regeneration Effect
      Heals you inside the beacon area
    • Resistance Effect
      Gives a resistance potion effect
    • Fast Digging
      Makes you dig faster inside the beacon area
    • Cure
      Boosts all of the bad potion effects duration (such as nausea, blindness, etc)
    • Crops
      Boosts the growth of your crops
    • Spawners
      Decrease the delay entity spawn interval of your spawner
    • Slowdown
      Slowdown monsters inside the beacon area
    • Speed
      Gives a speed potion effect to players
    • Peaceful
      Prevent any entity from targeting/attacking anyone
    • Nightvision
      Be able to see clearly in the dark
    • Flying
      Allows you to fly inside the beacon area
    • Experience Booster
      Multiplies your gained experience
    • Luck (1.9+)
      Gives you luck effect
    • Burner
      Burn undead entities such as Zombie and Skeleton (even at night)
    • Water Breathing
      Gives you water breathing effect
    • Fire Extinguisher
      Extinguishes you if you are on fire
    • Poison
      Poisons monsters nearby
    • Gravity Well
      Pulls entities towards the beacon
    • Jump
      Gives you a jump potion effect
  • Beacon Particles
    It tells you the border of the beacon area so you know if you are inside or outside the beacon area (Player can disable this in the Beacon Settings Menu)
  • Animated GUI
    Animation makes it look better. (Player can disable this in the Beacon Settings Menu)
  • Per-Player Language
    Your player can choose which language the plugin use in the Beacon Settings Menu (Accessible by shift + clicking on a beacon)
  • Custom Block Power
    You can set the plugin so that REDSTONE BLOCK or even DIRT can have a block power value.
  • Nether Beacon
    You can make your beacons work in nether (this is disabled by default, set Ignore Beam In Nether to true in beacon.yml)
  • Multi-Economy
    You can use Experience Level, Money (Vault), or Item to upgrade your effects

Beacon Plus command

  1. Buy the plugin
  2. Download the plugin
  3. Put the plugin file inside your plugins folder
  4. Start the server
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