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Kenny's Pack

៛ Utilizes MMOItems to create 50 Swords with different abilities, themes, and rarities. Aswell as around 100 Gem Stones that go hand in hand with the swords, improving specific stats. This pack can be used standalone as a new installment to standard fighting mechanics, but it is also very open to your own customization, and can easily be integrated into your current setup.

(all swords & gems in pack)
+ all default skills used in various ways.

split almost 50/50 between armor and weapons

if you dont like the current textures, you dont need
to use them, you may easily change them to whatever suits best!

In this pack:
✔ Recipe Scripts (vanilla recipes only)
✔ 50 Unique Balanced swords (with crafting recipes/without, vanilla, or non-vanilla)
✔ 99 total gem stones (custom textures / vanilla with several default themes)
✔ gem dust and its related materials (custom textured / vanilla textured)
✔ Netherite sword textures for outdated servers
✔ Optional Custom textures for various items
✔ Optional method of obtaining gem stones by MythicMobs (instead of vanilla)
✔ Extra files related to Swords
✔ Extra files related to GemStones
✔ Extra files related to Talismen
✔ Updates

Spoiler: More Examples

Spoiler: Better Explanation for ⚔ Swords

Spoiler: Better Explanation for ❖ GemStones

Spoiler: Talisman Tridents

Have any requests? Let me know!
DM me :)

Installation Note
locate your MMOItems config.yml,
go to line 204 under 'disable-vanilla-recipes:',
add the following:
( dont worry, they wont be gone! )
First release
Last update
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